Scene One: Gran Quivera

Fly struggles in the grip, trying to break out as best he can.
Dice Roll: 1d100z
d100 Results: 82
Break free of the grapple (82)

Crying out in pain do to his injured arm, as he tries to let go. Staring at Cid who has a knife out. Looking wide eyed in fear. It seemed Cid was a traitor and going to attack Fly. Fly would deal with him later. Fly's eyes swarmed over with rage as he tried with all his might to break free. Unable to say much, as he was trapped with no way to escape.

Cid sees Fly's actions and brings his right palm up to his head, his thumb finding his temple and slowly circling around it to reduce the incoming headache he knew would result from Flys' actions. He contemplates using his chronocom to contact the others as he really wanted to call to the rest of the group and announce that Fly had made another boneheaded mistake, but figured that could tarnish the rapport the professor had with the company and the group. Either way, he would not be powering up his sonic knife, but instead leave everything holstered.

Cid was stern in his voice, very upset about Flys decision to once again go hotheaded and undermine anything he had done or said. "Fly, This should have been simple enough, walk away and be done with this - no more questions asked. I understand you are hurt by being deceived, stand down and give me your weapons before you shoot or cause us more problems with the real Star Law officers." Cid had half a mind to apologize to the Gorlian and just leave Fly there in his hands, hoping that Fly got smashed to the ground by the big guy - it would have been his own doing anyways. Now, he felt the need to stay and respond to Star Law Officers - as now they were not simply defending themselves, but instead Fly had fully instigated this onslaught.

Alexis positions herself with the professor between her and Cody. They make good time getting through the hangar and heading to the private docks.

Alexis grimaces a bit with the shock wearing off from her two wounds. She will be glad to get to their ship and enroute. She wonders what the medical bay contains to assist her and her wounded comrades.

New Round 2

Dice Roll: 1d10+5
d10 Results: 8 (Total = 13)
Gorlian's Initiative

The gorlian will squeeze/crush Fly again, if he doesn't break out first. "Answer me little hooman; will you honor peace with me and go?" He asks of Fly. "I can also say that I will not speak with the police when they come, if you leave now." His tone is somewhat moderated, but the vice-like grip of his arm is still tight.

OOCThis is his declaration. If Fly breaks out before him, that is, on a higher Initiative, then he takes no damage this round, and I will edit what he says. If Fly's initiative is lower than his, it stands and he takes 6 more points of damage.

Dice Roll: 1d10+6
d10 Results: 9 (Total = 15)
waits for Flys response, hoping he would be sensible and they could get on their way quickly.

Calming down long enough to think clearly, Fly relaxes in the gorlian's arm, signifying his acceptance of the terms. The gorlian for his part let's Fly go, though his expression shows distrust. "Go now, while there is time. We may meet again," he says, the last bit without malice, and intended for Cid.

"Thank you for your understanding. If we shall meet again, I pray it be on better terms and without the need for deception. Please make sure your friend finds the proper medical attention, I do not wish to hear of an ill fate if we do meet again." Cid showed true concern for the human laying on the floor as it could have just as well have been one of his colleagues. He found himself more of a peacekeeper than an antagonist, in most cases, and this was one where he was disgusted by the hostilities that had happened. Once Fly was released and on his way, Cid would also quickly head to the Star Wolf so he could join the professor and the rest of the party for their trip to the operation they were truly intended for.

Cid would also make a mental note to attempt to learn more about the Gorlians as a race, he knew very little about them and if he met up with him again he would like to know more.


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