Concerns & Questions

Concerns & Questions

This is the place for anything specific relating to the application process or information about the world that isn't clear enough. Feel free to ask me anything.

I'm open to hearing what your thoughts are. You can either throw them at me here if you the concepts would be something everyone would have access to, or PM if you want to keep them secret (as in you are thinking of a secluded culture who's learned to do this special sort of magic).

Certainly, though organ failure would take a very high level of skill. Cramps would be considerably easier.

What's the average life expectancy right now? I noticed I was playing an older character in comparison to the others, so I want to know where Najam falls in terms of life stage. Heh, makes a difference if he's nearly one foot in the grave, or pleasantly middle aged, etc.

We're thinking late 50's is a pretty normal age for someone to die. People do sometimes make it past into their 60's, but they are considered elderly by mid-60's. Anyone who lives into their 70's is a legend, basically.

I would say Najam is a little south of middle-age but definitely still healthy and able. However, he would probably have already begun scoping the younger generations for his apprentice, though it's not desperate yet if he hasn't found someone fitting.

Have some patience with us as we work on the first cut scenes. We want to make sure that everything gets lined up well and we want to jump everyone off at the same time. If we don't have the cut scenes up after the weekend, you can feel free to bug us again.


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