HellFencer's Plots

HellFencer's Plots

Plot #1PC's start the game waking up in a dank holding room. The door is barred and each PC has trouble recalling the night before. (In truth the town poisoned them during a fake celebration in their honor). The room is little more than a reinforced cellar, as the captors are all peasantry being manipulated by the Ogre Mage BBEG.

PC's escape their confines with some effort, and regain their equipment. This situation from the start gives the PC's a bit of a moral dilemma; do they kill their captors or seek to free them, realizing that something is going on. Clues in the town reveal that a bigwig from the capital came through recently and struck a deal with them. A deal, some will say, they couldn't refuse no matter how they tried. This could be a roleplaying challenge.

The Ogre Mage feels his power over the citizens weaken and he sends out a scouting party of his faithful, if fanatical, gnolls. They find the PC's and turn the middle of town into a battlefield. Innocents are hurt in the struggle, giving the players an emotional tie (hopefully) to their predicament. It is easy enough to track the gnolls to their hideout, where some more fights and some traps occur. Could be an area for a skill challenge.

Out of clues, the PC's return to town to heal up. The next day turns into a bit of a circus as the supposed official from the capital shows up and the townsfolk bend over backwards to please him. The town changes as if they hadn't forgotten about trying to capture them and becomes hostile, though they won't outright attack the group, knowing full well they'd be slaughtered.

This is a clever ruse to get the PC's to trust the official as he teleports them out of town to his "safe haven"- a tower out in the middle of a forest. In reality, they are trapped here until they can overcome the tower's machinations. The official becomes haughty and rude, claiming he will experiment on the PC's for mucking up his plans. The PC's manage to escape the room they are in and travel the trapped tower, overcoming more skill challenges on the way up. Eventually they come to the conclusion of the module with a boss fight, though it is against the official's pet; a mutated goblin with ogre features.

The fight over, there is no sign of the official though they can leave the tower, rest up at the town, have a small celebration, this time without the poison.

Simple, to the point, sets up for future modules, I like it.
The plot seems to be well set up for beginners but aren't gnolls a bit of a high level creature for lvl1s?

I thought they were CR 1? Perhaps we can adjust them to be slightly less strong. To be completely honest, I've never used gnolls :P I'm a goblins kind of guy.

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