Deceased, Banished, and Retired NPCs


Type: Ghost

Lawrence Martin

The Beautiful Killer, Jacob Wright

Grantham Holloway

Silvia Androlesci

George Burton

Jenny Greenteeth
The Sunken Mother, The Thing in the River

Type: Spirit

Background: The Thing in the River is one of the United Kingdomís river-hags, the patron of the life-demanding rivers of much of southern England. Powerful and malevolent, she wants to flood her banks, needs to flood her banks, but can be stayed with sacrifices of blood and death. She is a wretched, primeval entity. When manifested, her flesh is a sickly green and slick like a toadís belly, and her teeth are jagged splinters of bone smeared with algae. Perhaps most unsettling are the spiritís eyes, which quiver in their sockets like gelatinous clusters of salmon eggs.

This hag dwells in the rivers and waterways of southern England: the headstreams of the Thames, the Avon and the tributaries of each. She is a moody thing, fluctuating from periods of morbid giddiness to times of tempestuous anger. She enjoys the company of the Mara, accepting their worship and their sacrifices in exchange for her patronage, though she has no stake in their games of power and politics. When called upon, she is able to give great gifts and provide many secrets, but only at a cost. The pain or death of children is all that sates her.

The Invisible Members of the Suicide Circle of Pall Mall

Gilbert Ward
The First Member of the Suicide Circle

Type: Ghost
Born: 1884
Died: 1929/1930

Virtue: Adventurous
Vice: Corrupt

Background: Gilbert Ward was a British lawyer who spent some time in San Francisco towards the dawn of the 20th century. While there, he became familiar with the megapolisomantic practices of Thibaut de Castries. He hanged himself in a sacrificial ritual in the liminal moment between 1929 and 1930, and in so doing, founded the Suicide Circle.

Originally Posted by Summoning
It was... a most uncanny ghost. Twice the size of a man, it resembled nothing quite so much as a clockwork angel, or perhaps some more infernal being of the machine. It's upper body was humanoid, dressed in an evening jacket with a noose for a tie, save for an open wound that bled starlight and oil onto the dirt of Kensal Green. Its hands were its most human part, with long and delicate fingers that bore a single signet ring, with a gear upon it, covered in black gloves. There was no skin visible, really, anywhere on the ghost. It's lower body trailed away into wisps of smoke and mist, but it had wings, or perhaps they were tentacles shaped as wings, a great mass of cables and wires, linked together by a slender steel mesh. The tips were composed of sharp scalpels and tiny needles, of crushing gears and spent bullet casings.

It had no head. The body had been beheaded, and in the stump the two Kindred could see a multitude of clanking gears and pistons, all stained with bloody oil.

So have I been called, and so have I come. What is your will, necromancer? The voice sounded in the vampires' minds, a lazy, casual sort of voice, concealing a boundless confidence and an infinite malice within it. Make it quick.
Type Ghost

Rank: 3
Attributes: Power 7, Finesse 6, Resistance 7

Willpower: 13
Innocence: 1

Initiative: 13
Defense: 6/6
Speed: 18
Size: 8
Corpus: 15

Essence: 20/20
Influences: Anchors ●●● (The Reform Club, The Suicide Circle, His Books)
The entity causes terror in anyone who can see it. The Numen costs three Essence and activation is contested individually with Presence + Composure + Supernatural Tolerance by anyone looking at the entity. Anyone gaining fewer successes than the entity is unable to move or speak for a turn. If the entity gains an exceptional success, the effect lasts three turns.
The entity may wound opponents at a distance. Range is equal to 10 yards per dot of Power and the entity does not suffer range penalties. The entity rolls Power+Finesse minus Defense, and deals Lethal damage.
Blast (Wing-Tentacles of Cables and Electrified Wires),
The entity may torture its victims mind via psychic assault. This Numen costs one Essence. The activation roll is contested by the victim’s Intelligence + Supernatural Tolerance. If the entity succeeds, the victim suffers the Insane Tilt (p. 211) for the rest of the Scene.
This Numen grants a mortal a vision of a task the entity wishes him to accomplish as well as a magical determination to see it through. The entity pays 2 Essence and rolls Power + Finesse. On a success, the subject receives a short vision of whatever the entity wishes him to do and is under the Obsessed Condition regarding carrying that mission out.
Implant Mission,
The entity creates messages or images in any media they would be able to access to be used by a mortal — it can write in the condensation on cold glass, produce images on computer screens, and send audible messages via phone lines. The Numen costs one Essence to activate, and if successful creates a single message.
The entity accelerates into a blur of movement. The entity chooses whether to spend 2 or 4 Essence when activating this Numen. Spending 2 Essence doubles its Speed for the remainder of the scene, while spending 4 Essence triples it.
Manifestations: Twilight Form, Image, Possess, Claim

Ban: Unknown
Banes: Royal Blood

The Shiver-Trees


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