Scene Two: The Star Wolf

"Thank you,
Assuming Cid would know his name?
Thiss'vik, I hope this is the only time this trip that I will be so busy with such matters."
Cid enters the ship and immediately heads down to the crew deck.

As he gets down there, he looks around at what appears to be a larger table, small table and a few chairs surrounding each. His hand reaches up and scratches his chin as he thinks to himself, So a mess area, not a great area to do much in terms of healing but hopefully the eating area is fairly sterile.

Cid wandered into the room not designated as the kitchen, curious if this room would suit him the best for the medical detail needed. If so, he would tape up a piece of paper with his name ~ Dr. Bawl ~ on the door, signifying that it was his medical area - at least for right now. If needed, he could have people sitting down when he went to work on them, he hoped they weren't hurt enough that he would actually need to do surgery in this place. Once situated, the Doctor called for his colleagues to come in one at a time, attempting to take the most injured first so he could save on supplies as he hasn't done an inventory of the supplies on board just yet.

InjuriesCid will attempt to diagnose injuries - if it's just a scratch (1-6 damage) he'll just bandage it up and let it heal naturally. If it's more of a wound 7-15 points of damage, he'll perform first aid. Any damage beyond that would require surgery or several aspects of first aid over the time of travel (assuming that is possible).

"Sure Bekka, I'll go lend Thiss'vik a hand sealing things up and tell you latter about the gorilla with a badge but do you think locking the professor in his room is a good idea." The last is said as he left the cabin and headed down to help Thiss'vik.

Once that is taken care of he moves with Thiss'vik and goes back to the bridge. "Well, everyone's on that's going, oh and did you really want me to lock the professor in his room?"

Alexis looks to Cody.

"Let's put the Professor in the quarters between our quarters."

Alexis escorts the Professor to his assigned quarters. Then she places her gear in her quarters. Once done, she heads down to the mess area and grabs a cup of coffee.

When Cid reappears in the mess area, Alexis says.

"Doc, guess I am the first patient to report in."

Alexis has received 28 points of damage from a laser pistol.
Damage Taken

As Thiss'vik takes the pilot station, Bekka shakes her head at Ice's question, her expression clearly indicating she doesn't think it's a funny joke. "No, of course not. He is a passenger, not a prisoner. I just want him safely on-board and ready to go."

For his part, Professor Kral'ek thanks Alexis and the others for the assistance, adding, "I think I shall turn in for the night. It's been an eventful day and I want to review my notes and plans beginning tomorrow. Good night." He doesn't seem in the least bit concerned about the fact that the ship has no day or night.

Once the ship is out of the Gran Quivera orbital zones, the dralasite engineer, Drogo, comes up to the mess deck to meet the passengers. "Greetings to all!" he says in a basso rumble, waving a hand frantically.

OOCYes, it is safe to assume that Ice has met the ship's crew, as the Captain is his sister.

On Bridge

Ice gives a 'What!?' shrug towards his sister as he chuckles a bit. "No sense of humor." Then he walks, wincing a bit as he does, over and leans, favoring his injured leg, up against some free wall space near Thiss'vik planning on shooting the breeze with the pilot as well relating their misadventures thus far.

"Please come into my office" Cid grinned widely, turned and pointed to the door with his name now taped on it. Once inside, Cid quickly gives a cursory review of Alexis' wounds and shakes his head. Trying to lighten up the atmosphere, "Alexis, you know you are supposed to dodge beams of energy coming at you, not dive into them - right?" he gives off a small chuckle "Don't worry though, we'll get you healed." he tries to not show doubt in his voice, however he didn't have a great medical area to work in and now he had to perform the operation in a less than ideal situation to
Surgery attempt to heal 20 points of damage - at 45 = 1/2 Logic (70) + 10 medic PSA:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 26
heal these two large wounds.

Cid takes out a dose of Anesthetic and a couple doses of biocort and sets them to the side. Cid readies the Anesthetic to start, "Thankfully, there is nothing to worry about - just want to seal up the wounds and make sure nothing gets infected. It shouldn't take too long - Ready?." and when she would indicate that she was ready, he completes the process as best as he can given the situation.

Alexis laughs at Cid's comment.

"My opponent came out on the worse end of our exchange."

Alexis braces herself.

"Ready any time you are, Doc."

Once Cid is finished with Alexis, he helps her out of the office and back into the mess area. Finding no one else in the area, he looked to his patient. "Alexis, you should rest for a while until the wounds completely heal up so not to allow infections. The good thing is we are in a space ship, there shouldn't be much excitement to make you run about. We should probably get you to your quarters. I haven't really had a great introduction to the ship yet, do you know where your quarters are?"

Cid would make sure she was placed back safely into her room unless she wanted to go somewhere else for a reason. Than he was interested in going about the ship and trying to see what he could find about the professors gear and perhaps little insight into what exactly the professor was doing that he previously hadn't been able to disclose.

Alexis tells Cid.

"Thanks, Doc. My quarters are this way."

Alexis shows Cid how to get to her quarters.

Once in her quarters, Alexis waits for the door to close when Cid leaves. She slowly moves over to her bunk. She undresses. She then reloads her gyrojet pistol and places the pistol beneath her pillow. She lies down on her bunk. She lets the medications put her to sleep.

Cid heads to bed for the first day/night to sleep and rest the events of the day away. On the second day, Cid actively seeks out the professor to ask about his intentions and instruments he plans on using. "Hello Professor, Hope you slept well and find yourself as ready to start as I do! Do you think we can go down to the storage deck and see if we can open up some of the equipment so I can familiarize myself with it and how I can be of use?"

Cid was eager to know exactly what they would be working on and be able to not only see the equipment, but be able to touch and work with it before they were in an uncontrolled (or at least not in his control) environment.


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