Zhail - Basic Information

The Planet

The illithid empire blotted out Zhail’s sun by tilting the axis, altering the orbit , and created thick layers of clouds, preventing the sun’s photons from fully reaching the planet. The energy is barely sufficient to support life, and the planet is at a constant low, rarely reaching a temperature of ten degrees celsius. Hence, plant life is lacking, forests and jungles of times shrunk considerably, much of the flora in a constant state of wilting. The tilt of the axis and the alteration of the orbit causes the temperature to be incredibly low, reaching an average of one degree celsius and a minimum temperature reaching to negative one hundred celsius. Winter extends through three hundred and fifty days of the five hundred day year.

Zhail is covered in 70% water and separated into two relatively massive continents. The left is known as Iral and the right as Fathir. The water is frozen for much of the year, and horrid beasts which have adapted to the miserable conditions lurk in the depths beneath. Creatures on the lands, too, have adapted to the altered conditions of the planet surprisingly quickly, many of them extraordinarily lethal, evolved to hunt in the dark. Many of the animals on Zhail have morphed through experimentation by the illithid during the times of the empire. Hence, some of the animals have developed psionic powers. Others even became sentient.

The illithid have maintained the natural environment to an extent through their advanced technology, aside from jungles and forests. Therefore the planet is covered in deserts, plains, mountains, and a variety of other terrain types expected of a planet. With the fall of the empire, the technology which maintained parts of the planet fell into disuse. Another force seemed to begin to affect the planet, beginning during the fall of the empire. Landscapes slowly began their transformation into a swamp. Freed thralls believe that the second environmental change is caused by the same horror that brought ruin to the illithid.

The cities, formerly inhabited by the illithid, have now been settled by the freed thralls. Many now employ the technology and equipment of their former masters, but have not yet fully mastered it. The former thralls consist of a variety of creatures, just some of these include: humans, elves, dwarves, and even more monstrous races such as orcs, goblinoids, and giants. A rift has been grown between the groups. The monstrous races have split into their own faction on Fathir known as The Liberated. The races which considered themselves more tolerable, which includes humans and the like, have settled Iral and call themselves The Federation. The two factions are at a nigh constant war that covers the two continents, the waters, and even the surrounding space. Signs of a third group known as Enstehung are found on Zhail, but nothing is known about this faction.


Surrounding Space

Zhail is the only planet within several hundred light years. The technology to cross immense distances, also designed by the illithid, was mysteriously negated when Zenzun first began to crumble. It seems as if something wished to keep the mind flayers trapped. Seven moons surround Zhail, but none of them have been settled, as they were enshrouded by mighty, highly dangerous storms. The moons circle around Zhail at an irregular orbit, as the orbit of the planet itself has been altered by the illithid. These moons are known as Ir, Manth, Zar, Sher, Duranz, Esmail, and Nthur.

In recent times, the storms began to disperse, allowing the more capable of pilots to land on the moons. With the alteration of Zhai’s orbit, its magnetic field no longer reacted as intensely with the moons; it was this change which lessened the intensity of the storms. It is believed that numerous illithid which escaped Zhail now reside on several of these moons. Merchants formed organizations which now mine the moons. Groups of space bandits also reside on the moons, their small, highly mobile ship assaulting the caravan ships of the merchants.


The Liberated

The Liberated is a faction consisting of monstrous races inhabiting the continent Fathir. Unlike the Federation, they oppose slavery of all forms, even of their enemies. Despite their opposition of slavery, which may seem morally high, the Liberated are a vicious faction, constantly plagued with infighting and therefore are very unstable, constantly on the edge of collapse. The Liberated treat their enemies brutally, mutilated their corpses and sacrificing survivors to their dark gods. Somehow they manage to cling together despite their instability of the sheer desire to destroy the Federation. They make no use of the illithid technology and therefore fly in primitive, poorly developed spaceships. As they lack technology, rather than opposing enemies in ship to ship combat, their spaceships attempt to ram into the opponent for boarding maneuvers. Their known goals are as follows: Destruction of the remaining illithid technology, destruction of the Federation, freeing of the slaves, and discovery of the nature of Enstehung.

The Federation

They are a faction of non monstrous humanoids inhabiting Iral. They are against slavery of any member of the Federation, vehemently opposing it and furiously hunting any slavers. While they loathed the illithid for the enthrallment, believing it to be immoral, they fail to see the hypocrisy of the slavery in which they engage. The Federation makes heavy use of the illithid technology. Their known objectives are as follows: Subjugation of the Liberated, mastery of the illithid technology, terraforming the planet to its original state, and the colonization of the seven moons.


Nothing is known about Enstehung.

Mean radius: 7231 km
Equatorial Radius: 7340 km
Polar Radius: 7220 km
Surface Area ~ 520,000,000 km^2
Volume: 1.200 x 10^13 km^3
Mass: 6.1 * 10^24 kg
Mean Density: ~ 5.7 g/cm^3
Axis Tilt 50 Degrees

Surface Temperature

Min: -100 C Mean: 1 C Max: 10 C