Power Armor

Power Armor

As you know your characters better than me, in your post, please state what you'd like on your power armor. This does not only include ability scores, feats and the like (that is the least of my worries), but rather unique abilities which are not necessarily described by the DnD rules. Think of science fiction, video games, novels you have read, or anything in the like and give me a list of what features you would like for your power armor to have. You will receive your power armor early in the game, in Ythir, which is the first location you will arrive at.

You will be able to upgrade your armor during the game.

Please make only one post and edit it as you see fit. That'll make things easier for me to keep track of.

+10 Strength and Constitution
Endure Elements
Damage Reduction of some type would be nice.
I would like mine to be a Light Suit of Power Armor, allowing for a +4 dex bonus and say -4 penalty. Like medium armor.
Wirst slots for energy sword hilts/pommel, that are steam powered an can eject into our hands. So like a free quick draw for just those weapons.
Magical Energy Reservior. Something that soaks up spells and stores them for later. Like spell storing. But it turns spells I am hit with into energy that my suit runs on. Like a weird version of spell reflection.
Since I am a scout type, some type of long range vision scope through the visor. Maybe a scanner that helps record what I am seeing and stores it for later. Parabolic microphone or long range hearing devices. +4 Spot and Listen

I can't think of much else I would need as a Scout Light Armor Suit. Probably some Energy Resistance would also be good. Say 10 Energy Resistance, all.

As a warlock, I imagine most of Olonac's special features would revolve around enhancing or altering his various invocations.

Eldritch Essences:
  • Shrieking Blast (Sonic Cannon): Blast deals Sonic Damage, target must make fortitude save or become deafened.
  • Crushing Blast (Force Cannon): Blast deals Force Damage, target must make reflex save or become staggered.
  • Shocking Blast (Tesla Cannon): Blast deals Electricity Damage, target must make fortitude save or become _____. (Not sure what to include here that would keep in theme with existing essences. Dazzled? Dazed? Fatigued?)

Suit Features:
  • Database: Some sort of inbuilt computer record that provides a set bonus to select knowledge checks, and allows said checks to be made untrained. These bonuses would increase on a case-by-case basis as Olonac uncovers records or other existing databases in the world.
  • Boosters: Coming online when Fell Flight is activated, the suit could provide a set increase to flight speed.
  • Bioelectric Feedback: Perhaps the suit could hold reserves of excess mental energy, replenished at the start of each day. Once per day these reserves could be violently expelled, stunning targets in a certain radius around himself.
  • Universal Translator: As the Comprehend Languages spell.
  • Endure Elements: Pretty self-explanatory.
  • Life Support System: The suit could be capable of maintaining the health of its wearer, providing a small measure of fast healing or perhaps a limited ability to cause the effects of Cure Spells. In addition, 1/day, upon being reduced to 0 or fewer hitpoints, the suit could provide a sudden shock and stabilize or cure a small amount of hp, perhaps at the cost of temporary constitution damage.
  • Hypnotic Frequency: By enhancing his already prodigious mind-affecting talents, Olonac's suit could broadcast a frequency to fascinate creatures in a certain vicinity around himself.

I don't want to get into stat increases or feats or damage reduction myself. I'll let you use your best judgement in that regard.

Power Armor for Quaaliosh is going to be interesting, as it'll need to do a bunch of things just to keep up. Let me see what I can put together. This is all I've got for the time being.
  • The armor will need to be capable of reconfiguring and extending itself to cover Quaaliosh whatever shape it forms. A means of doing this might be to integrate the Rings of Force he's already wearing and simply have the armor manipulate those fields to be stronger (as they already cover him in whatever shape it takes). That might be something that requires Engineering or Experimentation, which may be neat for others who have those skills. The suit should also protect against potentially hostile environments, perhaps simulating an Endure Elements spell, while also compensating for external pressures.
  • Domination Coil - By splitting, refocusing, and enhancing an illithid's natural ability to control the minds of those around it, the Domination Coil boosts the strength of the mindflayer's mental abilities. [This could be a straight DC boost, force a cool down on certain spell-like abilities in order to use a more powerful version or variant.]
  • Sub-Psionic Terror Field - A subset ability of the Domination Coil, Quaaliosh's armor can tap into and broadcast the dark, susurrant whisperings of the illithid's subconscious mind. This is, understandably, disturbing for creatures not as in tune with the Far Realms.[This might give Quaaliosh the Frightful Presence ability, or allow it to demoralize via intimidate in an area for a longer duration than 1 round]
  • Chameleonic Circuit - When it is not supplementing Quaaliosh's frightful appearance, the illithid's power armor does it's best to shift attention away from its wearer. Using a combination of form scattering chameleonics, light manipulation, and limited invisibility, the suit allows Quaaliosh to seemingly vanish in mid-air. At the same time, the suit also dampens the illithid's psychic signature, making it all but imperceptible. [Perhaps the suit provides the ability to Hide in Plain Sight, or turn invisible for a short period of time. It might also require an opposed check or caster level roll to detect Quaaliosh's mental signature.]
  • Stimulant Array - A small array of various chemicals and endorphins reside in a protected side casing. Upon need, the suit can inject the wearer with a specially brewed concoction so as to enhance the wearer's physical abilities for a short period of time. [Alchemical brews that provide a +4 bonus to a given physical stat, extra movement speed, a bonus to initiative, or resistance bonuses to saves vs physical threats (poison, disease, fatigue from strenuous activity, saves to resist drowning) would all be appropriate. Multiple concoctions might have negative effects if used together.]

Slorr's power armor would have to be as much a work of art as a weapon of war.

Aura of Glory - Anyone sympathetic to Mind Flayers who beholds the unholy grotesquery of Slorr's Power Armor is emboldened by his presence, becoming immune to Fear while within 30' of him.

Aura of Malice - Anyone unsympathetic to Mind Flayers who beholds the reality-warping terror of Slorr's Power Armor is filled with the knowledge of the hatred of the outer gods, becoming Shaken while within 30' of him.

Life-support systems
Spider-Climb and Feather Fall systems (representing advanced gravity boots)
And... a Jump Pack. Treat as Flight 60' (Average), X minutes/day.

Guys me and Cyreav worked out my power Armor. I HAVE A PREDATOR CLOAKING SYSTEM! And a grappling hook Scorporion style "get over here" think. Sorry but it makes me so happy.

well since I am a rogue, you already got the part I liked about hide/sneak ability.
Maybe we can create it to also include glamour effect and alter self to infiltrate a planet.
Don't forget to allow it to have comprehend languages also

It is not finished yet. Cyreav is doing some last minute GM modifications. It has a language filter into it, translation type thing.

Once you are satisfied with your armor, please add it to your private notes. You will receive it almost as soon as you land on Zhail.

Everyone who does not have the ability listed below, please add it to your armor.

Language Filter: This device, implemented into the speakers of the helmet, converts any language the user ears into one understood by them. The language filter can also be used to communicate with individuals in other power armor if they are tuned into the same frequency, functioning similar to a communication device.

Lastly, your power armor will automatically protect you from rough conditions, such as the vacuum of space, intense pressure, and against other things such as drowning.


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