Prologue: Road to the Ruins. Halfling's Leg

Prologue: Road to the Ruins. Halfling's Leg

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Pan wakes from his fitful sleep, his drowsy eyes glaring at the nearby trees before taking in the skeleton. He had fully expected the creature to try and kill him in his sleep, feasting on his flesh and bones as was normally their want.

The fact that he was still alive was a surprise.

Rising and stoking the fire, he heats up some of his food for breakfast, eying Maxim curiously.

"You did not try to slay me in my sleep. Your mistress was killed by these trees which wish to stop us from succeeding. Would you like to come along and help me fulfill the mission of your mistress as a token of respect for her?", he asks casually, pausing to bite on some warmed meat and cheese.
Maxim looks at Pan and for a moment says nothing. He then gives an almost human-like shrug but otherwise continues to stand there. Most likely a 'no'.

The swamp seems to have taken on an entirely different light. The morning sun filters down softly through the trees, dancing on the water and illuminating everything with a soft glow. The morning birds are singing a chorus in the treetops and the entire day seems filled with a healthy energy.

THe road to the ruins stretches out before Pan, still held above the swamp on stilts. If the halfling was to judge, he had maybe three or four hours until he reached his destination.

Pan shrugs back at the skeleton and grabs his pack, taking a drink of water and gnawing on some breakfast before making his way back to the road and then moving on. Alone, he could move as fast as he was able, without having to wait for debate. He preferred this in a way.

As the halfling travels, he keeps a
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sharp eye out for other weirdnesses as well as anything that might serve to bolster his food and water supply.

The halfling draws near to the ruins, reveling in being truly alone in the wilderness. The creatures of the forest seem to be back to watching him, and once or twice he sees what he think might be a large wolf with huge green eyes. But that couldn't be right - wolves and swamps don't really mix.

About another hour and he's well out of the swamp and stands before the ruins. What was once several sprawling cities is covered in moss and grass, almost completely consumed by nature. A testimony to how fleeting the grandeur of the mortal races can be.

The ruins seem to go on forever - further than the halfling can see, sloping up a large hill and then down again. What few parts that are not completely overgrown look like they're made out of a reddish-brown stone, and at least one piece of wall looks like it was once a gate. Now of course, it was reduced to a size that was easily climbed over. Overhead a couple of gadflies court, singing merrily for the world.

The hairs on the back of Panazzo's neck stand on end as a bit of stray magic seems to sweep by him and it takes him a moment to realize that he's in place where magic run wild.

He also notices three sets of tracks, two which look human and one that is far larger.

Pan eyes the crumbled terrain with a practiced eye, being utterly in his element. The tracks serve as an obvious distraction and he kneels by them to
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check depth and age before
Looking at the ivy and moss, as a possible means to make him blend in better with the surroundings.Unable to find the game forum
eying the walls once more.

The tracks seem to be fresh - maybe an hour old at most. The ivy looks to be enough to grant a bit of concealment for the rather small man. Besides these tracks, nothing seems out of the ordinary at this moment. - just another set of ruins, if that could become common place.

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Moving to the wall itself, Pan pauses long enough to
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listen for any activity ahead. The tracks were fresh and he was sure that any others in these ruins would not be allies.

The Halfling does not have to wait for long to hear...things. Voices - people arguing, and something else. A sad, mournful tune, akin to a pipe or a flute. The voices are faint at first, as if a long way off, but over time they become clearer and are closer. The tune as well, becomes louder and clearer.

Soon, The halfling can see through the vines, two humans - a male and a female, of similar hair and skin-tones. They stand taller than most humans, with powerful builds and hands that never stray far from their longswords. Both wear matching leather armor dyed a dark green and wear swords of a fine make.

The humans argued as they walked, finally settling down about ten meters away from Pan's hiding spot. They argued about everything - some reward, a man called 'Denill', if what they caught was the right one. Behind them is a large, sturdy cage with a large bird, roughly the size of a vulture contained within it.

The man in purple - Robert - had given a description of the bird. A giant Kestrel with red and orange plumage. This creature, well, it fit the first part of the description. But it's feathers were a dark brown and seemed to droop within it's cage as it sang. The song was melencholy, so full of mourning it could well drive a body to tears. And yet, it was beautiful. As Pan hid, the bird sang, a doleful tune of freedom and captivity.

Pan smiled silently as the pair argued over their prize. It was obviously not the correct one; but the fact that they were so kind as to provide him a cage for when he caught the correct bird almost warmed his wild heart.

Of course, competition in this would only hinder him, so something would have to be done. Watching and listening, pan prepared his crossbow for the proper time, waiting to see if they stayed until dark or burdened themselves with the cage once more. Then he would strike...

The pair seem to be arguing over what to do. The female wished to leave "and be done with this mess of a job" while the male wished to stay and "Find the other damned bird." All the while the caged bird continues to sing sadly.

Eventually they start to set up camp, even though a few more marks of daylight are left. A short tent is errected and once tied down, the male murmers something and it simply dissapears from sight.

After a moment's blinking at it, the halfling can tell that it has not vanished - it merely has some sort of magical cammoflauge so good it is as good as invisible.

Pan smiles as he witnesses the magic the pair holds. That and the talk of the other bird interested him greatly. It was possible he could garner the rewards of two jobs with the employer's name.

Holding his position, the halfling watches where the pair moves and who is on guard as he readies himself. He would try not to kill them; but he meant to have the cage, bird and tent for himself.


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