The Shattered World CH.1

Bhaknu nods happily.

"Lets go um hunting... Barny hunt big um beast for Esil... he eat Tongue, brain and tripe... Barny not want those parts... maybe Esil eat beasts oysters, they good for... you know... the ladies" the young bugbear replies happily as he stands and prepares to take down his shelter.

Esil screws his face up, "Do you have any idea how many stories of this exotic food or that part of this beast being good for time with the ladies? It is the same story everywhere, and I've tried them all, out of morbid curiosity. All that stuff does is help your confidence -- none of it actually does anything! My faculties stayed normal - they never once got superhuman!"

Moving off the stump for which the little gnome sat, he pushed off the dead tree and turned around as his feet came to the ground. Facing away from the group he listened to the Esil and Bhaknu banter as he picked up his pack, quiver and bow. Turning toward the group as Bhaknu offered up what bull testicles he would find to Esil, he cringed at the thought, but was glad he wasn't being offered up; he knew the bugbear had to of given it some thought.

Van Unable to find the game forum about for the bird he had earlier, maybe it could serve a purpose amongst the group; that is if Van could find him. The bird had to suffer from hunger as well in this dieing land, so maybe he could forge a partnership similar to his co-existence with the others. As the two would continue to banter as they got ready to move out in search for food once more, van continued his Unable to find the game forum for the mysterious bird.

Despite the rather odd turn the pair’s conversation had turned recently all still seems at ease still. The sun can be seen in the sky, burning its own longevity into the existence of those still alive and untainted by the rot of the Plague, though it is nowhere near as cumbersome in terms of heat and unbearable temperature like in other areas of the world. It is without a doubt the best option to go foraging or hunting while the sun is still up to provide better chances of finding what is both desired and necessary to continue surviving in this world, but it comes at the disadvantage of potentially meeting likewise individuals who would do well to avoid the assorted ‘monsters’ that prowl after dark. If a decision were to be made the group needn’t rush though it is mid-afternoon, the sun seems content to hover in the sky for a few hours more before threatening the world with a blanket of darkness.

While the duo continue their little conversation the little gnome wanders off in search of the natural music he had heard before and can still hear the farther he leaves the chosen encampment.

Vanescen simply smiles when Esil speaks to him, choosing to nod at the male rather than actually speak. For the most part, the Wood Elf was content where he was; it was peaceful here, untouched by the devastation that was slowly encompassing the rest of the world.

As Esil and Bhaknu spoke, Vanescen watched as the gnome moved before he, too, decided to stand. Pulling his hair back in it's high bun, Vanescen tucked his bangs behind one pointed ear, wiping off the rest of the already smudged mud that hid the tattoo under one of his eyes. The Wood elf took one last look at the other two men before picking up his belongings and jogging after the Gnome. At least being in the Gnome's presence was better than listening to the other two talk about how animal parts helped a body.

Esil looks around. "I'm going hunting. I'll be back within a few hours. Whoever stays here, watch the camp."

With that, he takes a few supplies, and leaving his snake and most of his gear in the camp, goes off hunting.

Bhaknu turns to see everyone taking off.

"Hey... you not leave Barny... he got the big balls !" Barny responds looking around for his bola as they hang from a tree nearby...

Esil shouts, as he leaves, "Last one left at the camp has to guard it, that's the rules, and you agreed to them! The snake doesn't count, either!"


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