Part 1: Consecration


Turning his bloodshot eyes off the goblin he just chopped down, Gozzik looked up at the scream in irritation and rage. He barely felt the arrow pierce his leg, but the movement allowed him to focus on the archer; the barbarian advanced, murder written plain on his face.

Saitylvaness Round 2

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

Dashing past the others, Sai stepped gracefully over where the goblin archer had just been split in two by the little barbarian. As she spun around Tom, she smiled at the little warrior. "You're so adorable when you're angry!" Coming up on the Bard's side, she lunged at the warchanter. Her strike went low, narrowly missing the Goblin. She thought she had shaken off that strange feeling from earlier, but clearly it was still affecting her aim.

Round One Summary:
Sai's Weapon Enhancement: 4/10 rounds remain.


"Sorry, ladies and gentlemen: the God of Wrath will take his blood tithe now!"

Veritas leaped low, his body describing a perfect arc in the air as he tumbled his way in direct opposition to the elven warrioress. His hands described a short, pious moment as they clapped together, before the lower pair of arms gashed at the goblin songstress. Then, the quarterstaff described a short, painful arc aimed at her head, finishing with the clapping hands turning into fists and slamming at her chest.


Veritas' acrobatic attack lands one blow on the warchantress, leaving her a bit staggered, but still standing. In a last ditch effort, she drops her whip and lunges at Brego with her dogslicer, but misses. Left with nowhere to run, the goblin lets out a hiss and prepares to defend herself against the coming onslaught of attacks.

Tom o' the Six Strings

Whether in response to Sai's jab, or because he saw an opening Brego's blade plunged into the goblin warchanter's neck. The bard's song stopped abruptly as he twisted the blade leaving the small songstress limp and numb, the lights fading from her eyes

He pulled the blade out just as abruptly and began to clean it. He looked over towards the church and saw that the townspeople had the fire under control. The battle, it seemed may have moved passed them.

"This strikes me as a bit too well organized for a normal goblin raid...." he said the battle rush leaving him as he cleared his throat "Sandpoint's too well defended a target...and they didn't seem keen on anything but causing destruction" It wasn't clear whether he was speaking to the others or himself at this point. He looked down at the goblin corpse with a look of disgust. He knelt down and began to rummage, he didn't want to touch the blood more than he had too, but would go through pockets looking for a clue....or a bag of coins

Having overcome the raider's attack on the Cathedral, the hastily-formed party of five found that the square had been pretty well secured. There were still random cries of battle in the distance, but the tide seemed to have turned decidedly in the favor of the townspeople. No longer were there sights of goblins running after children and pets, but rather armed guardsmen chasing the villainous little bastards as they tried to flee. To the north you could see several goblins screaming toward the cliff's edge and leaping to their own death on the rocks below rather than be killed or captured by the
derisive goblin term for humans and human-like species

Father Zantus called out to those left in the square, asking that the injured be carefully brought to his side so that he could share with them the holy blessings of the Great Dreamer, healing their wounds, and his own as well.

He also took the opportunity to show you all his appreciation for your effort.
"The good fortune of Desna surely shines upon us this day, having brought these brave warriors to aid us!" the cleric offered his praise as he approached your position. "I cannot thank you enough," he continued, reaching out to shake each one of your hand. "The horror that we may have lost another temple is simply unbearable, and who know's what other atrocities these monsters had in mind. Many blessings be upon you!" Are any of you hurt?"

All six of them?

"By all means, Father. We did what came to us naturally. In my case, it simply happened to be violence against the cowardly." Veritas noted with a nonchalant expression.

"You make a good point, minstrel. Goblins are often opportunistic, cowardly creatures - it surprises me that they'd think attacking the city was sane under any condition. But what I'm most concerned about is how they got into the city undetected until they decided to attack. They came in with explosives and weapons and in a fairly large number, they couldn't simply go about their business amid the visitors completely undetected, now could they?"

Seeming to realize he'd yet to introduce himself, the half-elf bowed. "I am Veritas. Veritas Shin'ar."

Saitylvaness Sylvari The Knight of Stars

With the battle ended, the glowing runes faded from Sai's blade. She slid the rapier into its sheath and smiled at Tom. "Well done Tom. It seems I owe you breakfast." She gave the minstrel a wink and a comely smile as she moved past him. She went out of her way to avoid eye contact with Aegon, she got the feeling he disliked her. She had hoped he would be a pleasant distraction from the reason she had come here, or possibly even who she was looking for, but that seemed unlikely now. Stopping in front of the one who had named himself Veritas, she found herself gawking at his unnatural appearance. "W-Well met Veritas. I am Saitylvaness Sylvari...Were you aware you seemed to have a few more limbs than you should?" He seemed like a decent enough sort, though his comment to the priest was a bit garish for her taste. She turned her mind instead to the goblins that littered the ground about the group. Letting her eyes rove over the tiny creatures, she noticed the Halfling from earlier. Unable to control herself, Sai let out a squeal and leaned down to come face to face with him. "You are just the cutest Halfling I have ever seen!" In reality she had only met a handful of them in her travels, but he was in fact the cutest she had met.

"You'd be surprised how useful they can be. Well, except for scratching my own back, that is." Veritas chuckled. "I can understand that extra limbs is often considered a trait of demons and the like in many cultures, but does it really stand out this much?" He pondered aloud. Being used to the stares doesn't mean he didn't still wonder where they came from.

The half-elf tried to stifle a snort as the elven swordswoman squealed at the raging Gozzik. For all his ferocity in battle, the size was most definitely a point against him in the ferocity department - and Sai looked about a heartbeat away from embracing him like a living plushie. The six-armed man turned to Aegon, Tom and the priest as he put his quarterstaff away. "Well, guess that archery contest is a total bust now... I think I'll go have a look at the Rusty Dragon again. I don't think anyone there is hurt, not from these tiny menaces, but I've been known to be wrong before. Father, should I call someone of the guard to stand watch over your church, just in case?"

Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego would pick up a potion, opening the cork and taking a sniff like it was a fine wine. He nodded in appreciation and stowed it in his pack. He then picked up the pouch of coins looking inside and a large grin crossing his face. He took 5 gold coins out of it and then passed then from person to person "No need to worry about that now, m'lady. That ought to pay for my next several meals" he says looking over towards the elf that had been dubbed 'Veritas' "Tom... And yes they do stand out like a nudist in a Chellaxian court" he says then nodding towards the father, feeling better as his arm get healed... He wished that he could fix his clothing as well...but he'd take his help where he could

"I doubt the church was the goal. Why burn it anyway? It wouldn't do any good... What it did do was get many people close at hand to help put it out, focusing many eyes to this point as opposed to another"

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