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D6 Adventures

D6 Adventures

This is a very simple short story style RP game.

Rules are as follows. One person starts with the scene. The first person posting sets up a small scene in the story. Like you enter a tavern, and see two half-orcs wrestling in mud. The first person also sets up the gaming system that the scene takes place in. Like D&D, Warhammer, Star Trek, Deadlands, GURPS, etc.

The scene you set can't be longer then a paragraph. The next person rolls a d6 to elaborate on the story. The catch is you can never post more then a paragraph. You can include any and all pictures you want. But the D6 is what determines what type of RP element you enter into the scene and how it progresses.

Please remember to keep everything PG-13. A paragraph is the limit, but 1-2 sentences is the preferred style and will work just fine.

D6D6 Table
1. Combat Ensues (Any type of combat you want happens. Death and Injury are also very possible here.)
2. Romance Interest (Any type of romantic scene or love interest scene happens.)
3. Death or Injury (Any type of death/injury (multiple or otherwise) happens by whatever means.)
4. Plot Tiwst (Any type of scene derailment, plot twist, chaotic behavior, or something happens to change the scene.)
5. Treasure (Any piece of equipment, gear, item, magical or any thing fitting the setting is found.
6. THE END (The current scene ends and a new one begins. Type THE END for the previous scene then start up a new scene.)

I will start us out with a scene.

Scene 1
Game System: DC Heroes
Batman had just gotten done crime fighting for the day out in Gotham City. When he noticed something was wrong. He had just arrived back to the Bat Cave, were Robin was supposed to be studying for his college mid-term. But all of his books were on the ground near the BatCopter, and Robin was not anywhere to be found. Calling out for Alfred his loyal butler to come assist him, Batman went of searching for Robin. But not before taking off his BatSuit and putting it in his BatCloset.

Dice Roll: 1d6
d6 Results: 5
Scene change...

Alfred arrives, holding a small radio transceiver consisting of a squarish black box topped with a silver antenna. On the display face of the box is a series of concentric green circles, with a flashing red dot between the second and third circles at a bearing of 297 degrees to Batman's current orientation. "It's my new Robin locator, sir," Alfred beams brightly. "For when, you know, you need to find your partner."

Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 6
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d6
Original Dice: 1d6
d6 Adventures (6)

Meanwhile elsewhere in Gotham, lies 20 dead gang members. Killer Croc looks down at his broken left hang and grimaces in delight. For laying in the trunk of his car, tied up in chain was the boy wonder Robin. Croc knew he could get to Batman by using Robin as a hostage. Problem was the boy had put up a hell of a fight, and broke one of his hands. As Croc drove down the street, running through a read light. He thought back to his fight.

Dice Roll: 1d6z
d6 Results: 3
And then (3)

Unfortunately for Croc with his thoughts elsewhere as he was driving down the street he failed to notice the junction ahead. Instead of stopping or turning Croc crashed straight in to another vehicle driving along the road that the junction led to. It was a busy day and with car after car being affected from this high velocity collision causing cars to smash in to each other and even causing some vehicles to flip while pedestrians were killed by the dozen. Even the drivers of other vehicles were unprepared for the collisions as their heads impacted with the steering wheels and other things inside the cars their heads collided with. It wasn't pretty and there were now some fuel leaks coming from the vehicles involved in the collision. The impact jolted the boot of Croc's boot open as Robin attempted to get himself out of the boot by any means possible. The car was a wreck as Croc was forced to abandon the vehicle while the people around looked on in terror at the scene of carnage that surrounded them.

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