Scene Two: The Star Wolf

Cid finds the professor pouring over his tablet in the lounge, reviewing some research perhaps, as he sips some coffee. "Good morning, Doctor. That is a good idea, yes," he says. He puts the tablet down and leads the way to the cargo deck. The explorer is an extra large version, six wheels versus the usual four, 10 seats including the driver, and high enough to cross shallow water (up to about 1.5 m). In the back cargo section are several boxes. Some have GSS logos and contain ropes and other survival gear you requested. The others are in two sets: one large box with holographic recording equipment, and a collection of smaller boxes with specimen containers, old-fashioned marker pens, measuring tools, etc.

"We shall have to take holographs of any structures or other large items, anything too large to fit in the explorer," he starts, as he unpacks the hologear. "Of course, everything must be holographed before we move anything, as the positioning and context are vital for identifying artifacts."

Happy that everything is in order now and the professor is safe in the protective arms of the team Cody relaxes for the trip, spening a good deal of the time sleeping.

Cid walks down to the storage deck with the professor, climbing into the explorer to go through the boxes with the professor. "Well professor, it sounds like we have quite a bit of work to do. How big is the area we are covering and how long do you expect it to take?" He asked hoping it hadn't been covered in their initial conversation back at the office and he just forgot. He knew the meeting went quickly and provided some holographic images.

Cid would walk through the boxes with the professor, trying to learn the different options and setup needed for each piece of equipment so they could properly set up the technology needed - and that way he could operate some of it to help with the professors findings.

"Well, Doctor, I hope it is not too far from the settlements," the Professor begins. "Your Mr. Tchal seemed to think that we should land away from the settlements proper and arrive by vehicle, hence the explorer."

There is nothing in the kit that could be properly termed "excavation gear." There are a few hand tools for light digging, brushing, etc, as in for fine work, but no heavy digging, shoring-up or other extensive gear.


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