Kings Announcement.

A tall hooded figure approaches the bridge. Seeing the conflict, it pauses for a moment, nods in affirmation and suddenly draws two sets of scimitars . . .

Dice Roll: 3d6u15z
d6 Results: 11 (Total successes = 4)
Fast draw skill 14 +1 combat reflex (4)
Dice Roll: 3d6u15z
d6 Results: 14 (Total successes = 1)
Fast draw skill 14 +1 combat reflex (1)
Dice Roll: 3d6u15z
d6 Results: 14 (Total successes = 1)
Fast draw skill 14 +1 combat reflex (1)
Dice Roll: 3d6u15z
d6 Results: 9 (Total successes = 6)
Fast draw skill 14 +1 combat reflex (6)

And hurls itself, blades spinning, towards the nearest thug.

Dice Roll: 3d6z
d6 Results: 1, 3, 6 (Total = 10)
Stealth (Sk 16) (10)

From the sidelines, a male catfolk watches. His location is close behind the mage, just off the path, but he does not make a move to aid either side at this time.

The only signs of his presence are the reflection from golden-orange eyes, and the soft, jerky motion of the tip of his long black tail.

Oh, what the hell, let's get on with it then xD
And, don't know how far I would be, maybe 300~600ft? (or 100~200m?)

Riding his horse, still nameless because this black mare has not yet shown anything special since its acquisition, Geralt enjoys the confortable warmth the sun is providing today.

Alas, something seems to call his attention, "Such a calm day was too perfect to be true...." he thinks.

Perception Check:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 10 (Total successes = 2)

Geralt hears a commotion and decides to head to that direction.

Having ranged away from the group for most of the journey, Beordir is returning to the road when he hears the commotion. Sprinting toward the noise, he draws and nocks an arrow. At the tree line, he stops to survey the conflict.

Ssslakkk gives out a loud roar and charges the leader (assuming he is front of the archers) or one of the archers whomever is closer.

I believe Ssslaakk has a move of 6 so all he does this round is Move and sets up for an All out defense unless there is some one within a Heroic charge range then he will do that.

The new adventurers see a lizard man fighting off a group of 4 attackers. Two additional attackers lay in heaps behind him.
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Beordir sees the grumpy lizard from his earlier travels. However, he's being attacked by 4 men. Quietly, Beordir takes
For +3 next turn when I'll shoot him in the vitals
aim at the lower back of nearest archer.

Screams, roars and arrows flying. Geralt was taken aback by the sight his eyes showed him.
"First things first..." he said casually, maybe the mare would answer, and got off his horse.
With some hand movements he brought up a gale around himself, concentrating in being quick and fast as the wind.

Haste Spell:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 13 (Total successes = 2)

as soon as everyone posts their actions, I will play them out and give an init order.

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