Part 1: Consecration

Veritas hadn't seen such a scene in a very, very long time - effectively, ever. The Keepers of the Cycle were a fairly unfeeling bunch, in that they rarely let out their emotions when dealing with each other - either that, or they only let out one specific emotion for the sake of training.

One thing he was sure about. He didn't like to see a woman cry.

He turned to Aegon. He didn't look like he was going to reprimand him or anything.

"Aegon, I can understand the feeling of wanting to be left alone and I commend you for being honest about your desires. I won't condemn you for that.

With that said, you should know I despise a man who cannot get his point across without causing a woman to shed tears. THAT is despicable at best."

Saying that, the half-elf took off after the weeping Saitylvaness.

Gozzik simply shook his head, then went off to the stables. He had seen tempers flare after combat before; as the adrenaline wore off, and the fatigue set in. No doubt the woman would be fine.

Emotions ran high in Cathedral Square; not so surprising after the surge of violence and the shedding of blood. Six unlikely heroes were left feeling a bit overexposed after being forced without warning into unfamilar territory, but so goes the fickle hand of fate. As the intrepid wanderers went their seperate ways, retreating to more comfortable spaces, night fully descended over Sandpoint and brought with it a much needed sense of calm.

It is unclear what lies ahead for these newly dubbed Heroes, but one thing is certain: news travels fast in a small town, and these deeds will not soon be forgotten.


(The story continues in Part 2: Local Heroes)


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