Character Interlude: Rhogar, Geth and Balasar

I would share your fears, Geth said. It is said that the dragons of old obeyed only Bahamut, and only because he was their progenitor. If the Talon are bringing dragons into the world, I have little doubt that they will lose control of them, whether Bahamut returns with them or not.

Can we trust the Silver Lash? asked Balasar. Geth thought for a moment, then nodded ever so slightly.
Perhaps, and perhaps not. They worship Bahamut, but he is a god of justice. If the Lash share an ideal of justice similar to our own, they very well may be trustworthy. At this point, I see no reason not to ask after their help. They share, at least, our same ends.

The eradication of the Platinum Talon. Yes. I can work with that.

Balasar's fervour was cut short when Rhogar insisted on them protecting the Temple. He understood that it was important--especially if there were relics here that would help the Talon, and for which they would return--but he longed to go out adventuring with the cleric. His expression said as much, but Geth laid a hand on his shoulder.
Yes. Balasar and the Lantern will keep vigil in this place, and will await your return. I know not what lost treasures the Talon would seek here--for all we know, they've found all they need and will not return. But I will rest easier knowing that my brother is leading the Protectors of Dusk.

Balasar nodded, albeit reluctantly.
As ever, my brother's wisdom prevails. I will inform the brotherhood that we must increase our vigil--but I do not think it wise to share why. There are many in our ranks who would be eager to wander the desert looking for dragons. Best they keep their eyes on Dusk and the Temple.

He stood, and offered his hand to Rhogar.

As for joining us, I will be honoured to count you among our ranks, whatever the conditions. In fact, it may do us well to have one of our own out in the world, gathering information. If your adventures carry you far afield where you discover something that can help us here, all the better. Our Order will certainly not be less for it.

Rhogar let the brothers speak without interruption, content to listen for the time being. He frowned slightly at Balasar's statement regarding cooperation with the Silver Lash, a flash of anger washing over him. Who in the Nine is this hatchling to presume he has a quarrel with the Talons on par with mine? he thought in irritation. Shaking his head, he tried to dispel the sudden flare of hostility and school his features back to neutrality before either Geth or Balasar noticed.

It seemed decided that he would rejoin the others and together they would enter the temple in search of artifacts...or, at least, that appeared to be the path the High Priest was suggesting to him. Rhogar couldn't help but swallow a bit nervously at the thought. He'd only been able to get there the night before with Geth's support. He counted Kessler a brother-in-arms but was uncertain if he was ready to share the horror of that day with the Human or any of the others.

Fortunately, Balasar's voice saved him from his uncertain reverie. Rhogar extended his hand and clasped Balasar's, nodding as the younger Dragonborn offered him a place within the Holy Lantern. Their handshake ended, Rhogar stepped back a few paces and drew his greatsword slowly, then knelt and lay the blade at Balasar's feet.

I pledge my blade and my life to the service of the Holy Lantern and the glory of Pelor, in peace or war, from this hour until my lords release me, or death take me. May I walk in Pelor's holy light and guide others to the path.


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