Rank: I think I'm gonna leave this to the GM....not much experience on where my character would be.
Gender: Male
Birth-Name: Marko Antti
Spartan-Name: Marko-87
Call-Sign: Ragnarok
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 272 lbs.

I hope everything comes up to snuff...I have been working on that for hours lol. If I need to make any adjustments just let me know.

you are on the money point wise except one thing.

Humans rely on AI translations of the Convent languages. So you can't take Brute as a language. You will need to add another language or spend them on something else in your knowledge tree.

great otherwise

I actually read that thread post about the covenant language after I made the sheet, and was way too tired to fix it lol. I'll fix it, no worries.

EDIT: Done and done.

I love the Idea of a Viking Spartan, Goin' to cleave some friggin' skulls.

Question, what is Hawk Eye and what does it do? I can't find it, but I don't have the Runner's companion. So that might be why.

Glad to see people are excited about my build. Funny, I only got one thing wrong (that I'm informed of so far) and this was my first Shadowrun character. Awesome! *victory dance*

I also found an awesome free software that allows for full customization of Spartan Armor using the Reach sets. It's called Vanity. Not sure if I'll be able to use what I create there-in, but it'll be fun to play with anyways.

Can you link it here. I would lvoe to give it a try. I see Vanity pictures on the Halo Wiki all the time. I would be interested in seeing what kind of armor I can make.

I downloaded it but it wouldn't open or work. Oh well no big deal.


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