Tik's Tok

Tik's Tok is a custom Corellian Engineering Corporation YU-410 light freighter owned by Kaleb Tikaris. Tikaris has operated the Tok for over a decade, and the ship shows it. The ship is Captain Tikaris's main means of income. He operates her independently and is the sole member of the crew, preferring to hire spacehands to operate the extra guns and systems if necessary. The privacy allows Tikaris to operate on either side of the law without worrying about treachery. Currently, the hold is filled with weapons, which were either picked up on or intended to be delivered to Orto.

Model: CEC YU-410 light freighter
Length: 44m
Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 800km/h
Hyperdrive rating: Class 2.0
Armament: 4 double laser cannon turrets
Crew: 2-10
Passengers: 8-16
Cargo Capacity: 250 tons
Consumables: 2 months

Tik's Tok, much like others of her model and brand, has a very modular crew size. It can be flown by one being or droid, but to reach its full potential it requires as many as ten hands. The pilot, copilot, two systems operators, and communications operator are all stationed centrally in the cockpit, while the engineer operates in the rear of the ship near the engines. When traveling in areas frequented by pirates, Tikaris will also hire up to four gunners to man the laser cannons, two of which are located on the shoulders and two more of which are positioned above and below the center of the ship. The dorsal and ventral cannons can be fired remotely from the cockpit if needed. The ship also is capable of carrying up to 18 beings, which, depending on the crew configuration, means between eight and sixteen passengers. Finally, the large shoulders of the ship contain the cavernous cargo holds. Their size allows for easy concealment of illegal goods, as well as the possibility of hosting smaller vehicles within.