House rules and useful information

Strategy for Inside...

Enzo the thief will get backed up by Jarkol the marshal. From that distance... Draekel can still breath fire on whoever is in the front lines. Enzo can get into a flanking postion with Jarkol or someone else in front if he wants. Or skedaddle back behind the lines. Draekel will be constantly flaming the forces closeby. Rawhide will be able to come from the rearguard to the frontlines easy enough (eventually at least). And the spellcasters are in the protected mid-rear and do their thing. Ondalia being in front of Boramin so she can get to the front-lines.

1. Trapfinder = Enzo
2. Fighter = Jarkol
3. Short ranged attacker = Draekel
4. Healer = Mellavin
5. Spellcaster = Boramin

Strategy for Outside...

Swap Rawhide and Enzo. Keeping it simple!

P.S.: Thx to Troll for this!!

Underwater adventures

Speaking in water is possible:
  • You must be within 10 feet of your intended listener.
  • The listener will have to make a Listen check (DC 15 +1 for each foot further than 10 rad!) each time to know if he gets the speech right!
  • further more, there is always a chance that speaking underwater will attract random encounters or provoke prepared ones!

If there something you would like to add or suggest, let me know!


Here is a rule that I established in other game.

When ever you apply a curative action, be it a spell, a potion or any magical device or concoction, you will at least receive half of its effect. Meaning that if you cast a CLW, you still roll the dice but in the case where the roll would grant less than the half value, you will instead take the half value!


Diagonal Movement

Just a reminder;

You cannot use the diagonal movement whenever you need to cross a square with a corner or a doorway! I'm adding the doorway to the rules since it is not an impassable obstacle but one with similar inconvenient as a corner!

Guard duty

Here is what I would suggest for guard duty at night:
  • Boramin and Enzo
  • Jorr and Daerwol
  • Mellavin and Arteris

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