Gruumsh's Eye Fable

Saslic and Banelin find the lest uncomfortable places with cover from where they can observe the ravine. An hour passes with only the sounds of birds and the biting of insects to keep them company till there is finally some movement in the Ravine.

From one of the larger
of the southern caves four Hobgoblins emerge into the mid afternoon sun. The largest two seem to be joking and laughing to each other as they escort the smaller two as they collect water and wood. When the two have collected as much as they can carry the four stride back together. Banelin’s keen eye’s were able to make out that all four were equipped with sheathed blades and the two largest also had longbows slung over their shoulders.

Another hour passes and as stomachs growl both Saslic and Banelin finally recall that there will be little chance of learning much about the Kobolds living arrangements during the day as they, along with any Goblins or Orcs that live down there, wouldn’t venture out during the daylight hours unless their life depended on it.

Saslic and Banelin break out some trail rations and then start into the valley. They approach the most north-eastern cave from the north-east, quietly moving through the bushes as they walk downhill towards the cave entrance.

Banelin has his axe at the ready and walks slightly ahead of Saslic, who casually holds her staff like walking stick. A keen observer sees the occasional pink flicker around her free hand.

It takes Saslic and Banelin the better part of an hour to climb down from Old Grumps hill and move cautiouslly and very silently along the ridge to come down on the cave entrance from above. Bushes and brambles make the going tough but they emerge relatively unscratched to move slowly through the boulders near the cave entrance.

Low to the ground they both peer in cautiously trying not to breath deeply of the stench that pervades this area.

The cave is a very rough ten feet across and stretches some twenty feet in before splitting into a east west passage. The northern wall is decorated with the heads of humans, elves and dwarves in various stages of decay. These grisly trophies sit in small niches that dot the wall.

As Banelin begins to move forward to examine the shadowy area closer Saslic restrains him with a gentle hand and whispering points out that one of the heads, that of an Orc, just blinked. Watching closer she notes the Orc watcher move slightly as he adjusts the position of his unseen body his head still poking through a hole still looking as though it was just another decapitated head.

Watching and listening for a moment longer she also picks up the hint of harsh voices from the cave, though it's hard to heard them over the wind and insect life from outside. It's also impossible for her to tell from which direction the voices come from at this distance.

Banelin breathes mental sigh of relief as Saslic saves him from disaster. He carefully loads his crossbow and looks at Saslic.

Saslic gestures to Banelin and makes a pointing motion with her hand, then blows across the top of her fingers. The dwarf nods, and raises his crossbow as well.

Saslic watches the orc and thinks, "One good shot should sort him out." She is about to go when she looks at Banelin again, then mouthes a count down, "three, two, one, go!"

The pair of them shoot at the orc's head, Saslic sends a magic missile into the orc's face and Banelin fires the crossbow.

There is thud as the crossbow bolt takes the Orc in the side of the neck. Shock crosses his face as he lifts his head and opens his mouth to scream in agony as the magic missile drills into his head. It's too much for him and he slump back forward his head now just another dead one in the wall.

"Lets have a quick look around and then get out of here before full dark." whispers Saslic. Banelin nods and reloads his crossbow.

The pair move into the cave, looking for a way to get to the corpse of the sentry as they approach the intersection.


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