Player Notes

Player Notes

125xp - Orc sentry - death by ambush at the orc cave mouth.
250xp - 2 Orcs acting out a play.
375xp - 3 Orc guards - we tried to set them up, but they heard and attacked first.
750xp - 6 zombies guarding some kind of hallway.

1500xp Running Total

Player Notes

This thread can be for player notes... like xp tracking


10 Electrum pieces
a few copper pieces

4 Orcish spears (not worth much, for use later).

Player Maps

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adjusted xp:

Orcs are 60 each, times 6 = 360 xp
Zombies are 20 each times = 120 xp
Converted the humans to allies as well.

Reset new total xp to 820.

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