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Were the other items you have listed here as "things to do in the background" things that you want to follow up on during down time? Anything more specific on the crafting stuff?

  1. Using the principle of a spring-held bicycle/motorcycle kickstand, make a mechanism to keep a tower shield standing. BAM. Perma-cover and a distraction spot when using the Vanishing trick. "Wait! Wasn't she still behind that shield!?"
  2. Spring-loaded anchor spikes, to make the tower shield steadier and more durable against impact (shockwave, bullrush, strong wind, etc.)
  3. Bandoleer/straps/thongs to held weapons, tools, and items behind the tower shield
  4. Might as well weld a couple rings and and a pair of hooks on to the shield frame
  5. Add a couple of floatation devices! Can we make alchemical substances that simulates the pull-tag-BAM-instant-floats?
  6. With a couple of rigging and a grommeted canvas, I think I can turn the shield into a raft, and use the bardiche either as a rudder or an oar... What am I thinking?!?
  1. Pulling ideas from Complete Adventurer and Complete Scoundrel how about alchemical capsules? Not the fake tooth, but the elastic band one.
  2. Hidden boot blade sounds nice, but impractical with the many weapon already concealed
  1. Poison aren't the cheapest... What price would it cost to make something that Dazes?
  2. How much for an alchemical potion that grants an alchemial bonus to the next save against Nauseated/Sickened condition? Part of a plan to get the pot at Hagfish...

I honestly have no idea how to set a price for the tower shield device. Everything you describe sounds doable though. Is this supposed to be only a stationary device, or will you be carrying it around?

I'll have to pull out my Completes to look at the alchemical capsules.

There are some entry level poisons for around 100 or 120 a dose, which translates to 20-24 gp to craft.

The price of a daze poison would depend on it's duration. Daze is a 0-level spell, so a potion of daze would cost 25 gp to buy or 5 gp to craft, but that would only last one round. That sounds like a good place to start. If you wanted it to last longer, we would have to increase the price. If you wanted it to mimic Daze Monster, the price would also be increased accordingly.

The anti-nausea substance probably wouldn't cost very much. there are a lot of alchemical items that cost anywhere from 5-20 gp and accomplish pretty simple things. I would think this would be priced at the low end of that scale. again, this would be somewhat dependent on the duration.

Tower shield devices are to be permanent addition to the shield, so yes to portability. I'm still thinking about the kickstand though. Not really too stable in hindsight.

Maybe a tripod style thing? A rod bent in the shape of the tower shield frame, without one of the vertical side (imagine the letter C), that is hinged to swing on the top part of the shield. The top part of the C-rod is held on the hinge, the vertical part the leg, while the bottom part is the stabilizing foot. Spring-loading the device so it only requires a swift action to deploy (the C shape makes it safe from smacking the user).


Spring-loaded anchor spikes and floatation devices might be too circumstantial to use anyway.
Rings, hooks, bandoleers, and leather straps are always useful. Price range to add these mundane utilities?
I already added a Shield Sconce on the shield, so perhaps about that price range...

Hmm, Crafting cost 1/5th now? I missed that, I guess.
Good for Poison and Alchemical items, though. Luckily I chose to put points in the Craft skill.
Daze poison, I would like to continue on that idea. Save DC and duration?

Anti-nausea, would also look into the matter. See how much it would cost, then compare the cost with the current pot for drinking the Hagfish water.
More cash.

Old:                                AC   MDB  ACP
- Armored Coat (Torso, medium):     +4   +3   -2   20'     (Can be worn on top of other torso armor, use better AC bonus)

New addition:
- Lamellar Cuirass (Torso, light):  +2   +4    0   30'	(Brigandine, I think)
- Studded Leather (Leg, light):     +1   +5    0   30'
- Scale (Arms, medium):             +1   +3   -2   30'

- With Armored Coat on:             +7   +3   -2   20'
- With Armored Coat off:            +5   +3   -2   30'
Buying new armor pieces, 15 (cuirass) + 5 (studded leg) + 10 (scale arm) = 30 gold pieces.

+checks remaining gold pieces+
Remaining 100 gold plus silvers and coppers.

Enough to start making one or two Alchemical items or poisons.
Maybe even start with the shield stand.

Regarding Fighter class features, if you want to keep it just to one Archetype, I'll ask if I can use Lore Warden. It wasn't on the list of the archetypes available, but its class features are passive and mostly just plain numerical bonuses that they won't lock Jan in any fighting styles.

If not, it's a toss up between focusing with the tower shield handling (TS Specialist), close combat (Brawler), or stick and shield (Phalanx).

If we are actually going to go with mix-and-match... Well, I'll mix-and-match.
Mostly cherry-picking features.

Yeah, I tried to offer only those archetypes with strictly mechanical benefits as free choices, similar to the concept od a ranger choosing a fighting style.

I left off the list the ones that are more thematic, but those can still be taken the traditional way. Lore Warden, I believe, falls into the latter category.

On mixing and matching, again, if you give me some idea of what you would do with it, it'll likely be approved, as long as you're not doubling up on free features that require the same base feature in trade.

EDIT: Oh, and I promise to have a better look at the pricing on those items later tonight when I have some free time.

Karsh: Piecemeal armor, look about halfway down the page. Look at the Half-Plate example table to get a clearer picture of how it works.
I think I'll drop the Scale arm piece for a Lighter armor, so that Jan can sleep in the armor without getting Fatigued.

Zuriel: Let's go into the whole shebang while I'm rather feverish, eh?
  • 2. Bravery => Unflinching (Unbreakable): +1/4 level to saves against Mind-Affecting
  • 3. Armor Training 1 => Phalanx Fighting (Phalanx Soldier): wield two-handed polearm/spear with shield
  • 5. Weapon Training 1 => Tower Shield Specialist (TWS): lose attack penalty for using Tower Shield
  • 7. Armor Training 2 => Menacing Stance (1) (Brawler): adjacent enemies takes -1 penalty to attack rolls and -4 to Concentrate checks
  • 9. Weapon Training 2 => Flexible Flanker (2) (Polearm Master): use any adjacent squares to flank
  • 11. Armor Training 3 => Menacing Stance +1 (Brawler): increase penalty by 1
  • 13. Weapon Training 3 => No Escape (Brawler): AoO against 5' Steps and Withdraws in Menacing Stance range
  • 15. Armor Training 4 => Irresistible Advance (Phalanx Soldier): Bonus to Bullrush & Overrun checks according to shield type
  • 17. Weapon Training 4 => Stand Still (3) (Brawler): get Stand Still feat & 1/2 level bonus to the check
  • 19. Armor Mastery => Menacing Stance +1 (Brawler)
  • 20. Weapon Mastery => Shield Ward (4) (Shielded Fighter): while using a shield, get Evasion and add the shield bonus to Reflex save & Touch AC

Questions:1. Can I take this only three times instead of four?
2. Is this feature only applicable when wielding a polearm?
3. Assuming typo on the Brawler, since No Escape trades in Weapon Training 3 & 4, while Stand Still had none
4. Does the Evasion work with the similar limitation as the Rogue's (no armor/light armor only)?

ADDITIONAL: Subject to changes... I'm still thinking whether to keep one extra Weapon Training for Siege Weapon and if there is a better Armor Mastery option than another +1 bonus to Menacing Stance.
Also, Unarmed will be covered by Ninja tricks, Archery by a Weapon Training and the free PBS, Mounted covered by free Mounted Combat.

+more crazed ideas+

THEN, after taking Profession (pimp), I would take
It's banned, don't worry.
And all my cohort and henchperson would be boys and girls of negotiable affection!

Jan would be the Madame of a traveling brothel-slash-adventuring-guild!

+evil laughter+

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