Chapter 2: Beggars and Thieves

Whew! Long walk huh? Johnny said as they came to their destination, Viridian City, Think Richard made it here alright?

Checking his Pokedex, he was trying to see how Eli was doing one last time before he hid it away with the Pokeball belt.

"Yeah, I'm willing to bet Richard'll be around here somewhere." He grimaced slightly, rolling his neck, feeling the joints crack; "So in that case, I suppose we should catch up to him and get this prototype and the notes to the professor ASAP."

"I'm sure there's a garrison nearby seeing as the town has a palisade. I'm sure we can ask if a guy in a red trench coat came through this way."

Takeshi was feeling quite a bit better as the functions of the Pokegear had cleared much of the blight from his body, though he wasn't in a position to run a marathon or anything. He walked on, keeping up with the other two.

Seth laughed softly.

"Sounds like a plan. Richard's not exactly... subtle..." He paused, thoughtful; "Oh, and it's probably best that we keep our Pokemon hidden for the time being, at least from the general populace. A lot of these people have probably lost something or someone to the blight, and they're not likely to be very accepting of Pokemon just yet..."

Richard"I'll help her don't worry" said the woman. "That girl I swear, thank you for bringing her back to me." She pulls you into a hug. "Thank you so much I'm Sweet by the way. Sweet Maple."

Seth, Takeshi, Johnny
As you approach the palisade one of the men on duty calls out to you. "Hail travelers!" As you come up small entrance the man comes down to meet you. "What brings you three to the city?"

Richard Harrelson

His mission was starting to come to an end and he knew it! He found his way to Viridian City and had been far too busy to not even notice that he didn't have the notes anymore, but... you know what? He didn't fully care. He had done something that he couldn't of done younger in his life... He saved someone or looked like he was going to save someone unlike being able to save his father. The hug was grateful, though Richard in his awkwardness of sentiments like that unless it was with his mother wrapped those arms weakly around her to return the hug.

"You're welcome... I wasn't going to leave.... her behind. Name's Richard... Richard Harrelson. My father worked with the trade business in Pallet Town, mainly wool."

After the hug was released, Richard took a pace back. His form still lingering with the cold of the infection, of the blight trying to be pushed out of himself thanks to the Pokedex and its infection scan mechanism. He finally, had a chance to rest though, finally had a chance to sit down and try and recuperate instead of working his muscles in a frenzy. There was no doubt, he was going to feel all this later on with the ache of muscles, but for now?.. He looked towards Sweet Maple, quite a curious and interesting name.

"Do you mind if I... rest here for a bit? I don't know the City... and anywhere I could rest.."

Richard"Oh it's ok, We've got a few extra rooms you can stay here. I wouldn't want you out in the city by yourself anyway. " Sweet said. She leads up up a set of stairs and into a little bedroom. "You can crash here till your feeling better."

Takeshi perked up at seeing the guard, "We've come to see Professor Maple in town. Would you be able to direct us?"

He paused for a second, "I don't suppose you've seen a young man, little bit taller than myself, wearing a trench coat? We got separated out in the wilderness."

Richard Harrelson

Finally! Following the woman up the stairs as directed, letting her take the lead as it didn't even fully clue in quite yet that this was the female that they were directed to see at the very beginning of it all! Resting here did allow Richard one enjoyment when he woke up or started to feel better, he could always check up on Red and ensure she was going to pull through. Right now, he found himself in a little bedroom, and relief fell from his shoulders. Sliding the backpack away, he turned to look towards Maple and offer a nod.

"Thank you"

And with that, he literally crashed into bed.

Takesi"I think I know who your talking about. He came through here earlier. Looked like 10 miles of bad road, had a young girl with him. She was in bad shape." The man continues."We sent him up to Sweets. You should head up there and find him. North four blocks and west three, big house on the south side of the street."


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