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Hello! I am Akasen!

Hello! I am Akasen!

Hello! I am Akasen. I am a new member to the forum, although I recall having made an account months ago. I am glad to be on this forum and hope to become a frequent member as time goes by.

I started playing roleplaying games back in December of 2011, but have always had a great interest in the hobby since I played Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines back in 2007 or so and learned of the game it was based on. I have recently acquired from DriveThruRPG a PDF of Vampire 20th Anninversary and enjoy reading over it. But I have yet to really find anyone in my circle of friends to play with. I am quite a fan of the Old World of Darkness myself.

Currently, I am playing games of Pathfinder with friends of mine over Skype and Maptools. Have had some interesting experiences while playing.

One other game I have interest in is Shadowrun. Currently, I have PDF's of 4th Edition Shadowrun and much of the books for it.

Welcome to the weave.

You decker you.

Welcome to the weave. feel free to vampire around the weave. I give vampires immunity while they are here as they make great targets for adventurers.

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