It's nice for a race to have a theme but doesn't have to. Just put your points onto your stats with a minimum of 1 in each. In terms of HP, you will see that you already have a free (and therefore minimum) amount of hp for each level of troop that does not count towards your point total. This ensures your amazing level seven troops are never without less than 128 hp, even if you decide not to give them any more! ect. Each level of troop can have abilities that cost a tenth of their starting cost per ability, rounding up. If you want to make an ability better you can just shove the word improved and then greater infront ofthe ability and have it take up 2 or 3 tenths of your starting points (eg, improved poison, as per my example later). The other thing to say is that Initiative and seed are just as important as any of the others and can be as high as you want them. Technically you could have a level seven troop with one in every stat apart from hp and speed... though I wouldn't recommend it .

RACE: ------------ Name -- Attack -- Defence -- Min Damage -- Max Damage -- HP -- Initiative -- Speed

Level 1
(2 HP)
10 Points
15 Points

Level 2
(4 HP)
20 Points
30 Points

Level 3
(8 HP)
40 Points
60 Points

Level 4
(16 HP)
80 Points
120 Points

Level 5
(32 HP)
160 Points
240 Points

Level 6
(64 HP)
320 Points
480 Points

Level 7
(128 HP)
640 Points
960 Points

Ideally we will have four teams of 2 and an NPC team.
Any questions, ask away! It should be thoroughly enjoyable.

Abilities that cost 1/10 of a troops points, always rounded up! 2 tenths of your points spent on a spell allows the use of it twice per battle. In order to buy an improved skill, you must buy the basic one first, eg stealth, improved stealth, greater stealth. Greater stealth therefore costs 3 tenths rounded up of a troops starting points.

No Ranged Penalty
No Melee Penalty
Double Shot
Warding Arrow --- Lowers initiative
Imbune Arrow --- Lowers Defence

Flight --- increases speed and bypasses blockers
Shadow Walk --- increases defence vs ranged and increases initiative
Teleport --- increases defence vs ranged and increases speed
Incoporeal --- increases hp
Stealth --- increases init and defence vs ranged
Improved Stealth --- decreases speed, increases init and defence vs ranged
Greater Stealth --- decreases speed, increases init and immune to ranged

No Enemy retaliation
Infinate Retaliation --- usually only one
Double Strike --- increases max damage
Cleave --- increases min and max damage
Dual Wield --- increases attack
Great Weapon --- increases max damage
Bash --- enemies retaliate 50% and lowers initiative.

Large Shield --- increases defence vs ranged
Hardened --- increases hp
Shield Other --- increases another stack's defence vs ranged
Carapace --- increases defence
Armoured --- increases defence

Poison --- extra damage over time
Improved poison --- extra damage over time
Greater Poison --- extra damage instantly and over time

Regenerate --- gradually heal over time
Life Drain --- heal and resurrect while damaging foes.

(Acid) Blood --- attackers take damage
Energy Immunity --- immune to Acid, Fire, and Lightning

Spells, 1 use per battle, lasts the whole battle:
Raise Dead --- heal + resurrect
Lightning Bolt --- damage
Decay --- Damage each action
Slow --- Lowers speed
Confusion --- Lowers initiative
Suffering --- lowers attack
Weakness --- lowers max damage
Vulnerability --- lowers defence
Haste --- raises initiative
Endurance --- raises defence
Divine Strength --- raises minimum damage
Righteous Might --- raises attack
Heal --- Heals completly but doesn't resurrect
Regenerate --- partially Heals and resurrects each action
Cleansing --- remove all negative spell effects

Req level 4+
Lay on Hands --- fully heal one stack once, no resurrection.
Champion Charge --- charges deal damage to two stacks
Enchanted Blades --- increases attack
First Strike --- upon being attacked, you attack first, one use per battle.
Mana Drain --- Attack drains creaures mana
Arrow Steal --- attacks steals creatures arrows

Req level 6+
(Fire) Breath --- Attack damages three stacks
Blade of Slaughter --- Attack deals more damage against more opponents
Vorpal --- This stacks always kills at least one creature

Req level 7+
Spell: Divine Vengeance --- Damages according to damage stack has dealt
Spell: Resurrect --- Whole stack.

Sample Faction: Haven.

Level 1: Peasants: Attack 1 Defence 1 Min dmg 1 Max dmg 2 HP 4 Init 1 Speed 1 Special: Stealth.
Upgrade: WasPeasants:Attack 1 Defence 1 Min dmg 1 Max dmg 2 HP 4 Init 1 Speed 3 Special: Stealth, Incoporeal.

Level 2: Archers: Attack 5 Defence 1 Min dmg 2 Max dmg 3 HP 5 Init 1 Speed 1 Special: Ranged.
Upgrade: Longbowmen Attack 10 Defence 1 Min dmg 3 Max dmg 7 HP 5 Init 1 Speed 1 Special: Ranged.

Level 3: Footmen: Attack 3 Defence 15 Min dmg 2 Max dmg 3 HP 10 Init 1 Speed 6 Special: Large shield. Shield Other.
Upgrade: Squire Attack 3 Defence 15 Min dmg 2 Max dmg 3 HP 10 Init 1 Speed 16 Special: Large shield. Shield Other. Armoured.

Level 4: Knight: Attack 20 Defence 20 Min dmg 5 Max dmg 20 HP 20 Init 1 Speed 10 Special:
Upgrade: Grand Master Attack 20 Defence 20 Min dmg 5 Max dmg 24 HP 20 Init 1 Speed 10 Special: Enchanted Blades. First Strike. Spell: Divine Strength.

Level 5: Priest: Attack 1 Defence 10 Min dmg 5 Max dmg 10 HP 50 Init 50 Speed 2 Special: Spells: Cleansing. Regenerate. Heal. Haste.
Upgrade: Inquisitor: Attack 1 Defence 10 Min dmg 5 Max dmg 10 HP 50 Init 50 Speed 2 Special: Spells: Cleansing. Regenerate. Heal. Haste. Weakness. Confusion.

Level 6: Paladin: Attack 50 Defence 50 Min dmg 20 Max dmg 50 HP 100 Init 36 Speed 14 Special: Vorpal. Infinate Retalliation.
Upgrade: Hypogriff Riders Attack 50 Defence 50 Min dmg 20 Max dmg 50 HP 100 Init 37 Speed 45 Special: Vorpal. Infinate Retalliation. Flight. Regenerate.

Level 7: Angel: Attack 100 Defence 100 Min dmg 36 Max dmg 150 HP 128 Init 90 Speed 100 Special: Flight.
Upgrade: Archangel: Attack 100 Defence 100 Min dmg 50 Max dmg 200 HP 150 Init 100 Speed 100 Special: Flight. Spell: Divine Vengeance, Resurrect.

Troop growth by level per week.

Level one: 64 per week. --- 15gp each. Upgrade costs: 20gp each.
Level two: 32 per week. --- 50gp each. Upgrade costs: 75gp each.
Level three: 16 per week. --- 150gp each. Upgrade costs: 200gp each.
Level four: 8 per week. --- 375gp each. Upgrade costs: 500gp each.
Level five: 4 per week. --- 750gp each. Upgrade costs: 1000gp each.
Level six: 2 per week. --- 1500gp each. Upgrade costs: 2000gp each.
Level seven: 1 per week. --- 3500gp, 1 rare resource. Upgrade costs: 2 of the same rare resource. 5000gp.

The Cult
The Cult is a dark society whose members trade their humanity for unholy power. Not limited to just humans, the Cult counts all manner of supernatural creatures in its numbers. Despite the difference of race, all members of The Cult are united in their desire to conquer and spread The Cult's teachings to the unbelievers.

The basic foot soldier of the Cult, fast moving but unarmored, their dedication to their cause lends them inhuman toughness.
Zealot. Even tougher than Fanatics, Zealots wield greatswords with an untiring fury.

Talented Archers who make use of poison to fell their enemies.
Assassin. More skilled then mere Hunters, Assassins fire twice as fast and use a more potent poison.

Skilled mages who have traded their souls for arcane power. Possess the power to raise their fallen comrades
Dark Priest. Gifted with offensive magic in addition to their increased ability to resurrect allies.

Huge fighters that fight with an inhuman ferocity, the Nephilim are the shock troops of the Cult.
Berserk Nephilim. With a tendency to enter a ferocious rage in combat and weapons that crackle with dark energies, the Berserk Nephilim are no tougher than their un-upgraded form but pack a much bigger punch.

The angry spirits of powerful Cultists, Specters are incorporeal and can drain the life from living enemies with every touch.
Wraith. Faster and more aggressive than their base counterparts, Wraiths leave their enemies no time to retaliate after striking.

Captured from their mountain homes and tamed to serve the Cult's needs, Drakes possess a powerful breath weapon and are capable of flight.
Armored Drake. Covered in plates of thick iron, Armored Drakes are much tougher than normal Drakes.

Fallen Angel
Twisted by hatred into dark mirrors of their divine brethren, Fallen Angels lack the power of flight but their magically imbued crystal blades drain the life of their foes with every swing.
Dread Angel Now wielding two crystal swords, each crackling with dark energy, Dread Angels are a fearsome sight, capable of carving their way through all but the toughest of foes.

The Twisted
A loose association of former humans, the Twisted were corrupted by a mad warlock into horrible shapes, designed for war. The warlock's hubris was great, however, and he was slain by his own creations. He did make them breed true, so their numbers are still growing; and despite the change in leadership, they're still frighteningly good at war. Some say they fight for a land of their own, some to gain power and reverse their transformations. Regardless of the reason, they fight.

1. Stretched Man: Tending toward grotesquely tall and thin, these were once normal men and women but have been stretched beyond their capacity.
Woodeater: Their teeth sharpened into points, these stretched men were designed to rip flesh apart. They have all vowed to never eat meat again, spitting in the dead warlock's eye.
2. Grackle: Young men and boys whose limbs have been twisted until they resemble spiders. The process affected their vocal cords; the majority of Grackles can only hiss and yowl like cats.
Grown Grackle: Dangerous even as children, the adult forms of the Grackles are even more formidable.
3. Spitter: With modified throats and stomachs capable of projecting their digestive acid more than a kilometer away, the horrendous creatures known as Spitters are a match for any archers.
Big Spitter: A carefully structured diet ensures the acid produced by these soldiers is as powerful and plentiful as possible.
4. Cleaner: Trained by the original team that took down the warlock bastard, these Stretched Men have learned to ground out all kinds of magical energies.
Spellbreaker: Able to counteract even the strongest magic, they cannot be directly affected by any spells.
5. Virungan: With forearms and shoulders so massive they must move on all fours, these large apelike warriors can strike mighty blows.
Fomori: With tons of muscle and a reinforced bone structure, a single Fomor is practically a siege engine, though in constant pain from the bony spikes on its back and major joints.
6. Centaur: A horrible attempt to combine the best of humans and horses, these incredibly fast experiments have trouble digesting with their two stomachs; each needs radically different input.
Centaur Blade-Dancer: Lean and sleek, these warriors fight with incredible skill, wielding two blades in concert with their mighty hooves.
7. Manticore: Combining the features of nearly a dozen beasts, the monstrous Manticores have teeth, claws, wings, and a deadly spiked tail.
Chimera: A three-headed manticore with deadly flame and poison spewing from its mouths.

The HOrde of the North

The horde of the north made up of barbaric goblinoid tribes. They are savage and fearless charging into battle with shouts of bloodlust.

Goblin Small but vicious creatures with nasty dispositions. They are weak individually but use their superior numbers to swarm over their enemies.
Goblin Btutes The strongest of goblins tested in combat and leaders of goblin units. While they are small and not very intelligent they have a savage cunning that makes them a force on the battlefield.

Goblin Slingers These goblins have been taught to use slings to their advantage. While as with other goblins they are not individually intimidating, the sheer number of rocks they can hurl at an opponent makes them a deadly advesary.
Goblin archers These goblins, being smarter than average, have been taught the use of small bows that fill the sky with clouds of arrows.

Wolf Riders Survivors of a bizarre goblin ritual these goblins have a telepathic connection with their wolf mounts. They ride quickly into battle to engage the enemy both goblin and wolf striking in unison.
Warg Riders Goblins and Wolves who have been given a special diet to increase their size and ferocity. They are savage and rush into battle with growls and barks from both goblin and warg.

Orc Warrior Large and muscular Orcs are the stronger cousin of goblins. Their warriors are brave and filled with a savage bloodlust. They are the preferred foot soldier of the horde and are so plentiful that they seem to come at their enemies in unending waves.
Orc Warlord These Orcs are masters of warfare. The have proven themselves in countless battles and have scars to prove it.

Orc Warlock The Orcs revere the thunder and lightning of the chaotic storms of the north. Among them are those who are able to harness the power of lightning and considered holy. Their numbers bolster the horde armies sending streaks of lightning across the field.
Orc Master Warlock Orcs who have gained a unique insight into the nature of storms a Master Warlock lives for the carnage of the battlefield.

Ogre Rhino Riders Massive brutes the Ogres would be in charge if it were not for their density of mind. While they may be stupid they fit well on Rhinos and posses a ferocity that is the match of any orc. More than one enemy has laughed at the first side of a Rhino riding Ogre only to learn the thunder from the herd bearing down on them is the most frightening thing they have ever encountered.
Ogre Elephant Riders Those who thought an Ogre riding a rhino was the stuff of nightmares, Ogre's riding elephants is beyond the ability to truly comprehend until they are trampling you under their massive mounts.

Troll Wyvern Riders Trolls who have tamed Wyverns follow the orcs hoping to feast off the rotting carcaes of the dead.
Troll Drake riders Trolls who have tamed Drakes follow the orcs with shouts of fierce joy and savagery as their drake mounts swoop in from the sky to add to the cacophony of the horde forces.


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