Alissa Jordan-Wright

Yeah, I got to thinking about that angle. I mean, if she did it in a older model weapon, like nearly flintlock level, I could defaintly see it panning out. The Fae are legendary (literally) smiths and woodworkers. Whose to say they couldn't enchant silver to be as strong as steel? They would need to for their swords and whatnots anyway. The grips and none steely bits could be wood (with approirate veins of Ivy).

Yeah, and she is also an apprentice to Dwarves (legendary crafters), specializing her learning in gunsmithing. I can totally see her being able to pull out the changes, and the Fae enchanting everything up. It wouldn't even need to be that older a weapon, due to her skills and the possibility of help from the dwarves.

Keep this in mind for tech on a hand gun. The Colt style single action has a total of 6 internal parts. 3 of which are simple springs, then the trigger, the hammer and the hand/bolt stop. And they are a 177+ years old in design. However, the old style pistols have a great feel to them though.

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Ruben, I had forgotten I had intended it in the previous milestone, can I swap Investigation and Presence around?
That's totally fine with me. General stuff like this is always gonna be fine, unless it's really weird.

As for the gun, if you want to make it some totally unique weapon made of moonbeams and shadows, I'm fine with that. In which case it's almost less of a gun and more of a magic wand sort of deal (but still uses the Guns skill, of course). It really is your character and if this seems more interesting to you, go ahead and work it up that way.

And honestly, I could see Alissa picking up Ritual (Crafting) sometime down the line. The idea of her becoming this incredibly skilled magical gunsmith has some really cool imagery attached to it. Heck, you could even make "magical bullets" instead of potions with your crafting slots.

That's an awesome idea, actually, and I really like it. I've never been too sharp on the whole Thaumaturgy rules, but I guess I must learn them sooner or later, eh?

That's the fun thing with crafting - it's really just an excuse to have as many magical items as you want on your person. If you did go that route perhaps the gun is her final apprentice test or something. She gets enough skill that she actually crafts an item capable of becoming an item of power.

Sounds great.... then I'll probably pick up Ritual on the next sensible milestone, and we can wait to introduce the Spring Court business on the one after that (or whenever you feel it suits the storyline, of course).

I'll regret losing those tasty two Refresh from being Pure Mortal, though... :P

Well, it was going to happen eventually, right? I do think that it will give her a lot more agency and it's a fun niche to have. It would also explain why the Spring Court would pick her as well - she can supplement their meager magic with items of her own.

Also, I'm kind of digging how fae-centric a lot of this group has become. Threads are starting to come together in my mind.

Yeah, the idea of having the nifty Ritual magic beforehand is growing on my mind as well. Would make her less vulnerable to the whims of other supernatural players if she had her own way of fighting back, even without the Spring Court.

Right. It lets her stand a bit more on her own two feet.

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