Team 1 Character Sheets

Team 1 Character Sheets

Name: Conner Flylock
Nickname: Fly
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Profession: GSS Covert Op Tech Security Personal
Occupational Standing: GSS Security
Handedness: Right Handed




WIP. I am currently Reading Star Frontier. I just wanted to put a filler slot in here.
Character Sheet


Security Skein Suit - black and grey uniform, as a regular skein suit, but only absorbs 25 pts of damage
Explorer Vest
Explorer Boots
First Aid Pack
ID Card
Pocket Flashlight
Pocket Tool
Robcom Toolkit
Techex Toolkit
Auto Pistol Clip-2
Auto Pistol Attachments
-Flash Muzzle P, Pistol Scope (Magnify), Spring Holster
Gas Mask

Mission Equipment/Assigned

Team 1 Character Sheets

Real Name: Irwin Chalmers
Nickname: ICe
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Handedness: Right Handed
Profession: GSS Scout/Pilot

STR/STA: 30/40
DEX/RS: 50/50
INT/LOG: 80/75
PER/LDR: 40/20

PS / IM : 2 / 5

Ranged : 25%
Melee : 25%

Wealth: 104


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Andrew LaFollet

Andrew LaFollet
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 20
Handedness: Right


PSA: Military
SSA: Scout, Agent

Hand to Hand: Level 1
Athletics: Level 1
Detective: Level 1

Wealth and Equipment
Wealth 115 credits

Security Skein Suit - black and grey uniform, as a regular skein suit, but only absorbs 25 pts of damage
Explorer Vest
Explorer Boots
First Aid Pack
ID Card
Pocket Flashlight
Pocket Tool
Sonic Knife w/ 2 powerclips.
Brass Knuckles
Shock Gloves w/ belt powerpack
IR Goggles
survival rats x 10
water pack

Andrew LaFollet is a local kid, having grown up in the streets of Port Loren. Introduced to the art of Coup de Vitesse at an early age by his uncle, LaFollet has always disdained weapons as a means of resolving his problems. He'd always considered his skill at fighting to be of little more interest than a loved hobby, until the GSS recruiter seemed excited about the revelation when Andy applied for a position with the company as a night security guard.

LaFollet soon found himself given some additional training in security and assigned to a trouble-shooting team instead. The pay is definitely better, and the job is way more interesting than staring at sec-drone monitors for hours on end, so Andrew has no complaints. He's barely been with the company for a year, now, and is probably the youngest person on the team.

Slim with a lean musculature, short light brown hair and blue eyes. LaFollet does not stand out in a crowd.


Team 1 Character Sheets

Name: Alexis Grant
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Handedness: Left

STR/STA 50 / 50
DEX/RS 60 / 55
INT/LOG 70 / 70
PER/LDR 45 / 45
IM 6

Ranged 40%
Melee 30%

Wealth - 304 credits

Name: H'trank
Race: Vrusk
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Handedness: Ambidextrous

STR/STA 35 / 55
DEX/RS 65 / 45
INT/LOG 55 / 75
PER/LDR 40 / 50
IM 5

Base Ranged 33%
Base Melee 18%

Wealth - 167 credits

Cid M BawlName: Cid M Bawl
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Handedness: Right
Height: 2.0M
Weight: 80kg
Occupation: Medic/Scientist
Experience Points: 2
Current Condition: 5 points damage taken

35 /
45 /
55 /
70 /
Initiative Modifier: +6
Punching Score: +2
Ranged Weapons: 23%
Melee Weapons: 33%

Wealth -
303 (250+53) starting wealth - 25 for vibro knife.
278 credits

If this needs some modifications, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Team 1 Character Sheets

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Cid M. Bawl - zeo2002 - Team Medic/Sociologist
Alexis Grant - kbrn62 - Investigator/Star Soldier
Connor Flylock - MadHatter - Roboticist/Shooter
Irwin Chalmers - DeJoker - Transporter/Scout
H'trank - d_ns - Sharpshooter/Scout
Andrew LaFollet - Dragyn - Martial Artist/Investigator
Cody Amoran - Jedric - Sharpshooter/Computer Tech
Kangee Torgan - Ghost Wolf - Scout/Sharpshooter

WIP - mostly done - I just need to buy some personal equipment

Name: Kangee Torgan
Race: Yazirian
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Handedness: Right

STR/STA: 50/50
DEX/RS: 65/65
INT/LOG: 60/60
PER/LDR: 30/30
PS / IM: +3/7

Ranged: 33
Melee: 33

PSA/SSA with Skills

PSA: Agent (Stealth 1)
SSA: Military (Projectile Weapons 1)
SSA: Scout (Athletics 1)
Wealth: 1015 cr

Standard Equipment
Security Skein Suit - black and grey uniform, as a regular skein suit, but only absorbs 25 pts of damage
Explorer Vest
Explorer Boots
First Aid Pack
ID Card
Pocket Flashlight
Pocket Tool
1 Needler Pistol, with one extra clip

Personal Equipment

Name: Cody Amoran
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Handedness: Right
Age: 21
Height: 1.7m
Mass: 80kg

STR / STA 30 / 45 (STA +5, racial bonus)
DEX / RS 65 / 45
INT / LOG 60 / 80
PER / LDR 30 / 30

PS / IM: 2 / 5

RW: 33%
MW: 33%

PSA/SSAsPrimary: Military (Projectile Weapons lvl1)
Secondary 1: Technical (Computers lvl1)
Secondary 2: Scout (Survival lvl1)

Background etcBackground: Born on a dirt poor farm world, seventh of eight children Cody spent his childhood dreaming of leaving the dismal existence of his family, he even told himself he'd make it big then come back and get his family out of the squalid little rat hole they called home, but in his heart he knew all he wanted was a way out, a future for himself. At the age of sixteen Cody enlisted in an infantry regiment, he was almost immediately selected for training as a field computer tech, he spent 5 years learning soldiering and military/technical skills, at the end of his initial enlistment he decided he'd had enough of regular military life and mustered out, he then looked for a private job as a specialist, some might have called him a mercenary but he preferred specialist, it had a nice respectable ring to it.

Appearance: A short stocky youngster, his manner indicates a calmness, his movements are purposeful almost graceful. A square jawed man with a pug nose, he keeps his hair short and rarely goes without shaving, mainly because his beard growth is embarrassingly sparse. His blonde hair and blue eyes are quite striking when set against his tanned complexion.

Cody has been trained to look out for his comrades, this is now second nature, even so he has an eye for the main chance, i.e his own benefits. A stolid young man, he comes across as very serious yet he'll occasionally surprise people with barbed and witty comments.

257Cr rolled - 247Cr spent
Standard Issue EquipmentSecurity Skein Suit - black and grey uniform, only absorbs 25 pts of damage
Explorer Vest
Explorer Boots
First Aid Pack
ID Card
Pocket Flashlight
Pocket Tool
Robcom Kit
Auto Pistol + 1 extra clip
Sonic Knife + 1 extra clip

Additional Equipment10Cr 1 * Compass
50Cr 1 * Everflame
30Cr 1 * Gas Mask

20Cr 2 * Doze Grenade
50Cr 2 * Tangle Grenade
06Cr 3 * Pistol Clip
05Cr 1 * Staydose
05Cr 1 * Stimdose
02Cr 1 * Sungoggles
04Cr 2 * Solvaway


Dralasite Scout (aiming for a mix of wilderness scout, field biologist, and bush mechanic)

Appearance: Drietes is a large powerful looking Dralasite who prefers to extrude three sturdy legs to provide a stable base and great overland endurance and four thin arms with long dexterous fingers. The arms are typically arranged with three around the body and the fourth growing out of the top. Each arm ends in several long thin fingers. His rough grey skin is patterened with faint purple viens. Its eyespots are blue-black webs, usually on the main body. Though his voice is capable of diverse sounds when speaking human languages or PanGalactic he habitually uses a deep rumbling barratone. For the most part though Drietes seems to prefer listening to speaking and thoughtful silence to both.

Background: Drietes was never as intellectual as the other sprouts of its generation. While of average intellect by human standards, it never really enjoyed the long debates that make up the bulk of social life among its kind. Instead the young Drietes spent its time wandering the wilds of its frontier homeworld. During its education it came to love the mechanical including workings of engines, muscles and skeletons, the flight of flitbests, the math of orbits. The result is a mix of skills humans find eclectic. When going about academic tasks it has a meticulous approach that produces carefully constructed theories and reports but rarely makes leeps of intuition.
From its time in the wilds it has a preference for simple meals of roasted meats and vegitables cooked over an open fire and distains fancy cooking. When relaxing in a city it spends time in parks or quiet cheap Dralasite steam baths (the equivalent of a quiet drinking hole for humans). He thinks human ‘Dad jokes’ are hilarious but dislikes puns.
It is the eldest of three sprouts from with mother and has an adult sprout of its own who is a successful accountant on the Dralasite homeworld now. The family rarely communicates, not due to any disagreement, they are just introverts who feel little need for it.
Character Sheet
General Data
Name: Drietes Species: Dralasite Age 36 Gender NA
Hieght 1.6m Wieght: 112kg Handedness: top
Skin: gery faint purple viens Eyes: Blue-black webs XP:0
Walking: 5 Running: 20 Hourly: 3km

Elasticity Dx/10=7 limbs,
Lie Detection 5%, Black and white vision

Profession: scout/field biologist Employer:between jobs Payday ?
Physical Data
STR/STA 65/85
DEX/RS 65/45
INT/LOG 35/55
PER/LDR 45/45

Combat Data
Initiative modifier +5, punching score +4, ranged weapons 33%, melee weapons 33%
Primary PSA: Scout Secondary PSAs: Scientist, Tech
Environmental* 1, Technician 1, Space Science 1
*I assume this includes botany and zoology central to the field biologist idea.
Starting Credits: 341
Techkit (free with skill)
Envirokit (free with skill)
Item Cr
All weather blanket 20
chronocom 100
Compass 10
Everflame 50
flashlight 5
Holoflare 5
Machete 30
rope 2
sungoggles 2
survival rations 2
Toxy-rad Gauge 20
Vita-salt pills 1
Waterpack 4
2 tangler grenades 50
doze grenade 10
knife 10
Solvaway 2 applications 20

spent 341
remaining 0

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