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Your Dungeons & Dragons Strength?

Your Dungeons & Dragons Strength?

Remember trying to figure this out as a kid? Right now, my single rep max for military press is 160 which, according to the Second Edition PHB, gives me a 14-15 Strength. Whats yours? If you lift weights, do a set of clean and press or barbell military press, then use this single rep max calculator to guestimate your max press....

Using reps is inaccurate regardless. You'd have to do proper carrying capacity and drag capacity. Reps are, in fact, easier to do than, say, a job where you have to lift even half that kind of weight regularly. So you might as well subtract a point or two from your score if that's your measure.

It's a very different workout when you have to use your back, your legs, and your core... instead of merely the pects and arms.

Well if we're gonna be like that, I can clean & jerk more than a buck sixty and it'd count, no? The description says the most weight a character can get over his head and walk a few steps. But I agree..."It's a very different workout when you have to use your back, your legs, and your core... instead of merely the pects and arms." Thats why clean and press is the best measure, IMO.

Though, fact is I suppose, your legs are always going to be stronger than your upper body, so your "max press" is limited by your shoulders, back, chest, and arms, and not by your legs.

Edit: Oops: "You'd have to do proper carrying capacity and drag capacity" Missed this part. I'm talking about the max press in 2E PHB from when I was a kid.

I once got two 20lb dumbbells over my head in physical therapy. So . . . 6ish?

I'd say I'm a healthy 7. Strength is my dump stat, EVERYTHING INTO CHARISMA!!
(sadly, that's probably 14... my player really f'ed up my stat rolls...)

Apparently, my stats are as follows:
12 STR, 9 DEX, 15 INT, 13 CON, 10 WIS, 11 CHA.

Of course, I calculated this three or four years ago, so the figures may have changed.
All I remember is your INT score is your IQ rounded and divided by ten. My 148, for example, rounds to 15.

I once figured out that I can routinely do a standing high jump of clearing three feet which, according to my limited 3.5 knowledge at the time, meant that I could routinely do a running high jump of clearing SIX feet...

Rather than try out this exercise I decided that, for whatever reason, I have wasted tons of skill points to boost my Jump skill AND a feat to treat all jumps as if I had a running start.

Which led me to be very depressed in how much I wasted my RL Skill Points and Feat selection /sigh


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