Chapter 3: In-Character Adventure Thread


Lilianna moves along with the others as they discuss and decide. She wants to approach the crab if she gets the chance. "It's enormous! Something this great should definitely be spoken of! I wonder what kind of pattern the words should take on?" She pauses as they continue to speak before adding, almost as an afterthought, "...Think we can eat it?"


Realizing that everyone is far more interested in that large crab and his stomach is still kinda rumbling from the breadfruit mash. Tyranthius figures gamey monkey and mashed breadfruit, however sustaining, is not that tasty. Fresh seafood sounded delightful by comparison. Looking over to Hawkler, Considering our foodstuffs. If by chance it is real Hawkler we could, cook, eat and preserve some of it could we not? Any other ideas as to where we should go from here?


Sariel drags her gaze away from the crab. "If by any chance it is real I think we should be more concerned about it eating us. The ones I can summon are a fraction of that size and have shown they are quite capable of killing humans."

The elf looks in the direction of the hut, eyes narrowing as she
Dice Roll: 1d20+2z
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 14)
Perception (14)
tries to make out the building. "Let us find out who the hut belongs to, then if we have time we can continue south. We can always visit the crab on our way back. If it is still there." She glances at the crab once more. "Of course if it is we may assume that is a statue."


"Fair enough. Let's head to the hut first, and scout it out, and then head back to the see this crab. I do suggest we all put away any loose equipment. We should try a quiet approach to this hut. We really do not know what we are going up against. From here we can see so little.

Day 10, Abandoned Hut 11:30am
Mercifully, atop the hill, between the cloud cover and the stiff wind, it was both relatively cool and free of the insects that had plagued every step in the lowlands for the previous days. Swinging wide and keeping to the cover of the trees took longer but seemed the safer choice as the troupe headed towards the structure Hawkler and Tyranthius thought they saw.

Along the way, they caught sight of what looked like an inlet of sorts through a gap in the trees to the southeast, with a jungle-covered hilltop beyond. To the west, the stream's headwaters was a mossy and grass-covered basin that rose up to make a grassy horizon against the cloud-covered sky. The party hopped across the short stream and swung back east towards where the structure was sighted, approaching it by walking inside the treeline from the west. When they got close, Hawkler scouted ahead for a minute and then returned, giving the group a wave to say all was clear.

An overgrown jungle path leads to a small clearing where a partially collapsed hut stands above the banks of the gurgling stream. The hut itself seems to have been made from a combination of driftwood and tree trunks, with a roof of wide leaves and strips of rotten canvas sail. The front door to the hut hangs partially ajar. Dozens of bones and skullsóquite obviously of human originódecorate the hut and the surrounding area, each bearing numerous nicks and scratches. There appears to be nobody home.


"It is peculiar. There are plenty of edible plants and animals on this island and yet the inhabitants all seem to resort to cannibalism." Sariel comments as she gazes at the carefully arranged skulls.

Then her restless curiosity overrides any lingering sense of caution and she strides up to the apparently empty hut and peers inside.

The hut looks like it's been abandoned for decades. Inside is the remains of an old stump that was carved into a chair, scraps of fabric that may once have been clothing or long-dissolved bedding and several pieces of rusted metal whose original purpose is unknowable. The floorplan is about seven feet square and the sagging roof is high enough for Sariel to stand her full height. Searching the interior yields one object of note - a thin leather bound journal hidden in a niche in the wall.

The journal is in sorry condition, being half consumed by mildew. Taking it into the threshold, Sariel gingerly opens it up. Only fragmentary passages remain:

...many survived, the Thrune’s Fang will never sail again. Sargava’s
assimilation must proceed without...

...fine hunting on the Shiv, but the bugs are a constant
distraction. Nylithati’s skills at healing help fight the sickness, but I
fear she has...

...founded. Nylithati has seized control of my crew. They are hers
now. And so I have abandoned...

...fine home. Fresh water nearby and I need not endure Nylithati’s
ceaseless raving about...

...will not be returning to that gray, silent island again. There is
nothing there but horror...

...crew lurking about the area. They seem strange, almost feral. It
has been almost a decade since the wreck. I wonder what strange
beliefs Nylithati has...

...changed. There was no sign of Nylithati in the camp, but the focus
of their ceremony was a cauldron they must have salvaged from the
Thrune’s Fang at the base of the ruined lighthouse. It was into this
they threw the half-eaten body of the still screaming man...

...all around. I can hear them chanting in the green even now. They
call Nylithati “Mother Thrunefang” now, and promise me immortality
if I lay down my arms and submit. I know what their immortality
consists of, and I’ll have no part of that corrupt life after...


Well, Cord snorts, hooking both thumbs into his belt and spitting to one side, methinks that goes some way ter 'splainin' why the locals all seem ter ha' gone cannibal... Question is, whatter we goin' ter do 'bout it?


Sariel shivers and looks over her shoulder nervously. "I don't like it when Pharasma answers my questions so promptly."

The Elf carefully leafs through the journal again looking for any other legible entries, or perhaps a map. "We can add the Thrune Fang to the list of shipwrecks, although the mention of a lighthouse is curious. There must have been a shipping lane running south of the island, although I think it must have been abandoned. I don't remember seeing it marked on the map. We could look at Captain Kovack's charts again."

She hands the battered book over to Cord and sighs softly. "Nylithati's little cult promises immortality. One her captain describes as corrupt. Which means it's probably undeath. Which means we have to wipe them out." The Elf stalks around the hut, resisting the temptation to kick one of the skulls. "And it still doesn't get us off this island."


Olo pales. "It means that they were here for a long time, and never found their way off. It could be because they went mad, but it seems more likely that there isn't a short way home. Are we sure our Captain is dead?" he asks, thinking again about the spreading madness described in the journal.

"I wish it described how they tried to leave, if they tried to leave. There may be currents that push ships back in. But the grey island, and the ruined lighthouse... There are apparently a lot of things around here."

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