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Alright, I know a lot of us are in school. So I am curious if this situation has ever popped up for anyone else.

I have a calculus instructor who had thrown down a resistor simplification problem involving time.

What she didn't realize is that their is a large number of engineering students in her class.

So, in her problem one of us went up to the board and converted the simplification law she was using to something much simpler. (We've a lot of short cuts. Who can blame us?)

The simplified version disregards time in regards to dervitives and has you calculate the maximum and minimum output. Then allows you to simply subtract to give you the correct answer. It takes half a minute.

She was kinda floored, cause it took her nearly 15 minutes to perform the needed steps with calc.

Anyone else have similar things occur to them?

in my algebra class, my teacher got an answer wrong and one of the not-so-smart students got the answer correct.
The teacher actually walked out of class, crying.
Then there was the text book answers being wrong, that was a different day.

Originally Posted by Magius View Post
Then there was the text book answers being wrong, that was a different day.
This is the only reason I really learned anything in High School. I would search the books trying to find errors (in spelling, grammar, whatever...)

I was that kid that slept in class made A's in the class. Boggled everyone's minds.

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