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The Neverending Story

The ability to morph in to a giant penguin.

In only a few years, the were-penguin population exceeds that of regular humans.

Another world war begins as the humans fight the were-penguins.

As darkness slowly develops over the rain stained city, cries for help; ever present, persisting, intruding into the ears of their hearers, who wait with gritted teeth for the arrival of one, bold, strong hero who would be both able and willing to silence the many cries which echo through the damp streets infested with criminals in wait for helpless souls with heavy pockets; filled with the ill gotten gains ripped from the sweaty palms of factory workers subjected to endless times of toil and monotony in dingy, clanging workshops dedicated to the production of material chains bearing with them the soul purpose of enslaving the inhabitants of the corrupted city, forcing them to invest their dependence on the worthless goods created by those very same shells of men that now release the sorrowful, sundering, sounds into the slowly developing darkness over the rain stained city which with all honest hope, awaits a hero; can be heard.

Unfortunately Batman is on holiday and unable to make an appearance leaving another hero to do the job in his place: that hero is Bananaman who just happened to be in Gotham at the time.

Gorilla Grod shows up and defeats Bananaman in a very digestive manner.

Unfortunately, Gorilla Grod is actually allergic to bananas, which is his deep dark secret.

With one hero in a lot of trouble another hero comes to the assistance of Bananaman and that hero is Super Ted.

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