Campaign Updates

Campaign Updates

This thread is for anything that changes or gets added (background entries, rules changes), or whatever other news deserves such mention.

• Added 'NPCs' to Background Info, and the entry 'Cedwin Kastice'.
• Added the rules 'Flying Knockback' and 'Knockback resist, Slams, HP & ST, oh my!' to House Rules.

• Changed desc. of 'Power Skills' under Character Generation in Rules. Various stuff. Attacks are easier. Also added an assumption I've been making but realized I hadn't articulated: Stunt type effects out of Powers always use an associated Power Skill rather than a straight stat. This mimes GURPS: Psionic Powers and how Power Techniques are built, so I prefer the consistency.

• Changed 'Starting Package' under Character Generation in Rules. Character now have 25 extra points in Power Skills to distribute. Partially in light of the immediately prior changes, partially because I want everyone to have some of these, partially because I'm cool and throw more points at players like it was delicious ice-cream and I'm the ice-cream man, never mind the effectiveness of throwing ice-cream.

• Added 'Modifying Existing Damage - Weapons' under 'Abilities, Skills, Etc. Changes/Mods' in Rules. Basically, doing this to weapons is cheaper than GURPS: Power-Ups 4 specifies by default.

• Added two fiction bits, "Ghoul" and "To Locke", under Miscellaneous section. They're just flavor I suppose. Ruminations of perspective.

• Changed 'total minimum weight' of the Basic Loadout in Resources to 10 lbs, since I was wrong in that it was 9.


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