Port Wander-Group IC

Slowly standing back up to her feet, Sarena acknowledges the Inquisitor's order with a silent nod. Grasping hold of her two storm bolters she steps forward into the wreckage, kicking aside burnt hunks of metal looking for data devices or other clues that the inquisitor might find useful.

As menbegin a thorough search for any wreckage of the shuttle and marines secure the area for their disembarkation Martialis searches beyond the mortal realms for any hostile psychic signature remaining.

The warp is strangely calm now. As if any excess energy in the area is simply gone. Other than the shining beacons of your fellow marines, Martialis detects nothing.

Sarena finds, well she is not sure what she has found. It is a burnt up piece of a shell of some sort with a ribbed outer casing made of a material unfamiliar to her. It seems light enough but of decent strength for its weight and the size of it. (about as big as a lasgun power cell). It is the only large thing she has found that survived the explosion and the fires that are burning and smoldering around the hanger bay.

Severinas gets on a vox link with their ship. "This is Purifier Severinas. We require exfiltration. The Chaos vessel is disabled and the hangar bay is clear; have your pilot meet us there."

Constantine gets up and quickly realizes there are no threats left. The strange calmness of the warp worries him, but there was nothing he could do about it now. He forms up with his battle brothers. Mentally he is still bringing himself under control. The things he'd seen through woman's mind were corrupted and though he did not suffer the warps taint it did leave its mark on him.

Letting a storm bolter hang from it's shoulder strap Sarena reaches down and scoops up the strange piece of material. She spends a moment to look it over in detail before calling out through her armor's speakers, "Inquisitor, something you should have a look at. I'm not familiar with the inner workings of a space fairing vessel, but Emperor-tells-me that this shouldn't belong in the wreckage." she says, offering him the strange shell/bullet.

"Unrelenting light has a hard copy, a thunderhawk is on its way."


"Its a start, we will analyze it once we get aboard."

Looks like a wrap.

All's good with me


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