Track 1: Welcome to the Jungle

After a few minutes of searching you come across an apparent tavern, the building is three stories tall and made of the same dark brown stone as many of the other buildings throughout the town, above the door is a sign baring the likeness of a dog painted black. The tavern is fairly busy with someone entering or leaving fairly regularly, every time the door opens the smells of food, drink, and pipe smoke flow out.

Upon entering you see that most of the tables are occupied although a few are still free along with a number of spots at the bar. A lovey young lady with auburn hair, pale skin, green eyes, and a light blue dress clearly cut to encourage tips greets you.

"Hello, my name is Grace, would you gentlemen like a table or a place at the bar?"

ShaderTaking the initiative, Shader smiles at the young woman motions to one of the empty tables near a wall. "We'll take a table please. And may I say, that dress looks exquisite on you!" He replies to her question and smiles charmingly at her. His good natured flirting is neither aggressive, nor hesitant, as if he has the experience to back up his mannerisms.

Thanos can't help but smile at the rather lovely woman. "And a mug of your best ale. I'm not sure if my friend here drinks or not, but I for one am thirsty." He decides against commenting on the womans looks for now at least, he's quite frankly more interested in finding out more about Shader's intentions than he is with flirting with the locals.

Taking notice of the metal man's attention the waitress smiles. "Alright if you fine gentlemen will follow me." As she turns and leads you to a table in the middle of the tavern she falls into a stride which accentuates her "rear assets." "So that was an ale for you" she says directed to Thanos before turning to Shader "and for you good sir, anything?"

Shader glances towards the table near the wall, to which he indicated they wanted, and shrugs it off. He can understand being busy and making simple mistakes. Turning back to the waitress, particularly her "rear assets", he takes his seat at the table and smiles up at the girl. "Is it possible to request the pleasure of your company? he akes, using as much
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 9 (Total = 10)
charm as he can manage.


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