The Holonet (Game info)

The Holonet (Game info)

You browse the Galactic Holonet long enough and sure enough you find more then a few unsavory things - and I don't mean the dancing, semi-clothed Twileks you think we don't know about (we do ) - more like crackpot theories on how this is all a game and not real. These insane citizens of the galaxy, probably living in their aunt's basement on a moister farm somewhere out on Tatooine, have even gone so far as to try to put rule-theories on reality, how destiny plays out, how to harness the power of god-like "plot devices", attempt to quantify things like "Strength scores" at all cost, and that there need to be x number of post per day or the universe collapses! Truly insane ideas. But for some reason, you've bookmarked this page on the Holonet anyway; Not something one should tell the local underworld psychologist about if you have actually bought into this Theory... Hypothesis... "Wild Guess of OOCness".

((This thread will include mechanical information the players should be aware of. It will come to include things such as House Rules and other important OOC information. THIS IS NOT THE GENERAL OOC THREAD))

House Rules

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