Part 2: Local Heroes

The General Store

The remaing clothing of both the minstrel and his mate were hastily discarded as the two fell blissfully to the bed wrapped limb in limb. It was quite the enjoyable engagement for young Brego as his hands traveled over the exquisite curves of Shayliss' nubile flesh and he felt himself devoured by her soft kisses.

The heat level rose between the couple as they became more familiar with one another and their boiling blood demanded each other's focus, so much so that all other thoughts faded from their minds. This was likely the reason why neither heard the front door to the general store open or the heavy boot steps crossing the floor above. But there was no mistaking the creaking sound as the cellar door swung open and someone began descending the aged, wooden stairs into the basement.

"Shayliss!? Are you here? Why has the store been left unattended?" The deep, stern voice was that of a grown man quickly approaching the small, back room. Having been caught just as things between he and the girl were getting deeply intimate, at most Brego may have had the chance to grab a single article of clothing in a feeble attempt at modesty. Shayliss simply pulled the bedsheet over her unmentionables just as the man entered the room.

The large, burly man was in fact Ven Vinder, owner of the general store and father of the girl!

"What... What the hell is going on here?!" the man boomed as his face turned beet red in anger. "Shayliss?! I expect this kind of behavior from your sister, but now you?"

"Oh, get over it, father. I'm a grown woman now and I'll do whatever I..."
Shayliss defiantly began to reply.

"Not under my roof, young lady! Now just be quiet... I'll deal with you later," the girl's father shot back, and with that, he drew closer still to the nearly naked intruder who shared Shayliss' bed. "And just what the hell do you think you're doing, son?! Hey... wait a minute. Aren't you one of those 'heroes' out of the festival raid?" Ven remarked, apparently recognizing old 'Tom', but this didn't seem to matter at the moment. "Well I don't care who you are... get your things and get the hell out of my building!!" the furious father yelled, kicking Brego's belt and pants in his direction. "And you'd better have a damn good explanation for this, or I'll see to it that you're run right out of town!"

Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego was quite enjoying himself up until Ven Vinder entered the the scene. He looked for a place to hide but he found that he didn't have the time. He was grateful when his pants were kicked back towards him, though not so much for being so rudely awakened. He took the time to try and think about a way to talk his way out, by the time he got his pants on he had thought of one. He looked over towards Shayliss preferring to speak with her than her father right now, speaking directly to him seemed like an exercise in futility

"I see what you meant Shayliss, even now he speaks only of Katrine and not you."
he says hiking up his pants "I think I understand your anger, he only notices you when he feels you've done something wrong" he says almost conversationally to Shayliss. He was hoping talking with the daughter would get a message across to the father, though he felt it was a bit of a longshot, however he had talked his way out of bad situations before, perhaps this would be another, or perhaps he'd have more reason to leave Sandpoint

"You have got to kidding me!!" Ven Vinder was absolutely incredulous. "Are you actually trying to claim some sort of compassion for my daughter? And is taking the first opprotunity to get her into bed your way of showing you care?!"

"Boy, you must be out of your damned mind!"
the shopkeeper steamed as he balled his fist and moved just a few feet from where Brego was getting dressed. "You got about five seconds to get the hell out of here or you're going to have much bigger problems!"

Tom o' the Six Strings

And Shayliss goes quiet...I should have figured, not everyone has the same opinion of their father's that I do
he says trying to put on the last on his clothing, he wasn't terribly scared of Ven, he was a big man of course and could likely hit well, though he doubted it would come to that. He had several options, just leaving of course.. but that made him look guilty and while Brego had interesting thoughts on guilt and innocence he didn't much like the idea of just leaving like that. Talking his way out of it was another, and then there was the third option....using his magic. Free will, he had been told, was a lie. With a single spell someone with sufficient power could make even the mightiest dragon do their bidding. People were puppets who played at having free will... At least that's what Gregor taught him. Brego was never certain whether or not he said that to make him obey, or whether he had just been made that bitter...likely both

For now he'd use non-arcane methods, they were simpler and he'd found the right words have a certain magic all their own

"I'm saying that this is the most attention you've paid to her, by her own admission. I understand that you're angry sir" Keep it civil... "But this is not the way. All of
Is it three? I could be wrong
three days ago the very town was about to be destroyed, along with everything and everyone in it"
he says making a glance towards Shayliss before turning his attention back to her father "And now you spend your time harassing your two grown daughters over their decisions. It was entirely possible you might have permanently lost them but a few days ago, and now you're forcing them away from you."Make it his idea.. "I understand if don't approve of a relationship between myself and Shayliss, or of Katrine and her love, but I'm sure you'd agree that there are far worse things that could have happened, and that being angry at this, in these dark times, isn't worthy of your time" he said trying to keep eye contact when he could, that always seemed to help make people believe someone was genuine

"Give it a rest, boy... you're feigned righteousness is an insult to my intelligence," Ven Vinder interrupted. His tone was still stern, but his anger seemed to have subsided a bit as he admonished the minstrel's behavior. "Shayliss, leave us now... I wish to talk to this young man alone." Whether by obedience, or simply to save herself from any more immediate trouble, the girl complied with her father's request, wrapping the bedsheet around her bare body and exiting the basement, leaving Brego alone with her father.

"Listen, kid... I was once your age myself, and I understand how easy it is to get yourself into trouble, but do you really expect me to believe that your intentions with my daughter are noble?" Ven asked in an assured fashion, not bothering to wait for an answer. "Now I can tell that you've got a good head on your shoulders, not like those vapid knuckleheads down at the lumber mill, with whom Katrine insists on spending her time, so let me give you a bit of advice, son. Should you ever find yourself in a situation like this again, you'd be wise not to advise a man on how to treat his own daughter. The next time you may find a father who is not as forgiving as I, do you understand?" Again, he didn't bother waiting for a response from "Tom." "Now get your things and go... and don't let me see you around my girl again unless you plan on making an honest woman of her!"

Tom o' the Six Strings

Brego knew when to cut his loses. While he loved getting in the last word he wasn't in the mood. He'd been right he kenw he'd been right, but his 'second brain' had told him otherwise.. Brego would pick up the remainder of his clothing and gear and head back to the White Deer, tail tucked firmly between his legs, another notch in the number of reasons he wanted to get away from Sandpoint

The Rusty Dragon

With Shalelu having shared all that she knew of the various goblin tribes in the region, and presened the group with a map of the hinterlands, the get together came to a close. The huntress recounted her plans to leave the following morning to have a look around Devil's Platter and Shank's Wood to collect what information she could. Promising to see everyone again soon, and to share any news that she found, the elven ranger bid her new acquaintances farewell and retired for a bath and a good night's rest.

Ameiko Kaijitsu thanked Veritas once again for sharing his musical gift with everyone, and made him promise to come back soon so that they might continue to explore their blossoming friendship. As evening descended on the town of Sandpoint, the group of defenders spent their time together trading stories and discussing their plans for the days ahead, and when everyone had had their fill of one another's company, they once again went their separate ways, agreeing to stay in touch as the rest of the week unfolded.

* * * * * * *

The following day was largely uneventful. A trip around town would find the citizens in relatively good spirits, considering the chaos that had ensued earlier that week. Rather than focusing on the destruction that had taken place, folks had turned to recalling the almost comical nature of the goblin attack, telling tales of their witnessing the raiders tripping over themselves to avoid being stomped by horses, scrambling around helplessly after they had accidentally lit themselves on fire and falling head over heels as they attempted to leap off the top of buildings. The grief surrounding those who had been lost had faded a bit and given way to smiles as they were remembered fondly in the best of times.

A visit to the north tower or the bridges on the southern end of town would find that the guards had been doubled at their posts, and stood ready for any trouble that may arise, while at the same time keeping an air of calm so as not to alarm the townspeople of the potential danger that lurked beyond the village borders. Local militiamen kept their arms nearby, and had organized plans to move quickly should another attack ensue.

For the most part, the newly dubbed Heroes, and appointed defenders of Sandpoint were free to carry on as normal within the town, socializing with new friends, shopping, training or just quietly reading in their rooms as Oathday wore on into night.

* * * * * * *

Fireday, 27th of Rova, 4707 AR

This morning"s weather was particularly delightful, with the type of flawless, bright, blue sky and gentle breeze that can only be found in early autumn.

As Saitylvaness Sylvari emerged from her room in preparation for her early morning training session, she was met by Bethana Corwin downstairs at the Rusty Dragon. The halfling woman rushed up to Sai carrying a small parchment, with a painfully obvious look of worry covering her face.
"Miss Sai...! You've got to help!" she announced loudly as she frantically gripped the elven woman by the leg of her pants. "It's Miss Ameiko! She's gone missing, and I think she may be in trouble!"


(The story continues in Part 3: The Other Shoe Dropeth)


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