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A humble duel

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Who is the victor of the duel?
Rejakor 5 21.74%
Voxanadu 13 56.52%
It's a tie! You slaughter eachother! 5 21.74%

*Shouting* "Where's the referee? We need a referee here. Who's going to step in and play the referee?"

~slams Rejakor's head into a desk three times, before kicking him in the gut and dropping his elbow into his back.~ What? Why do I need someone to monitor me?

Screw this for a game of soldiers.

*grabs Voxanadu by the scruff of his neck, throws him through a window*

First one to twenty gets to borrow my frozen ball of battery acid. It's just a little smaller than a human fist. Get creative.

Sweet. ~punches Rejakor with the additional vote he just gained.~

I'm 11 votes away from that.

Edit: Shirocco, You're chanting for the wrong person. You voted for me.


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