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Videos we need to see

Videos we need to see


Just post a video you think everyone on MW needs to see. For me this is one of my good friends who goes to my local state's Convention. Were this year we had a special guest star, whose name I forgot. But he is the narrator for the old anime show DBZ, English one that is. So my friend Weird Beard, real name, is reenacting DBZ.

You should watch it.

If anyone wants to know what PortCon is, below is a video taken by 2 attendees. I don't actually know these people.

Tankmen. I love this series so much and quote it regularly

Llamas with hats. Watch all four. It gets even better.

Okay, while those two may have only been funny for some people, this one will be appreciated by every person on the weave.
A simply beautiful piece.

Anyone who likes pokemon should enjoy this. Those who do not enjoy pokemon might enjoy this if said people existed.
Ive got more but I dont want to drop 10 links at once.

This video is just a guy narrating a post to a question, so you really could just listen to it if you want, but please give it your complete attention. BTW - video has language.

Please, please. please listen to the whole thing, it seems so very weird but all will be revealed at the end. Everyone I have shown this to has truly enjoyed it thus far.

Your recommendation just confirmed my opinion of you, littlefish. (I'll leave that comment ambiguous, since it's more fun that way.)

Originally Posted by PolkaBear View Post
Your recommendation just confirmed my opinion of you, littlefish. (I'll leave that comment ambiguous, since it's more fun that way.)
I'm... not sure how to respond to this. So instead I will post another video!

Morgan M. Morgansen's Date with Destiny. This short silent film starring Lexy Hulme and Joseph Gordon-Levitt(who also narrates) with Lawrie Brewster is brilliant and has FAR too few views on youtube than it rightly deserves.

Besides the art and music present in this film, I am completely taken with the witty wordplay and for that sole reason, I hereby give unto all of you

There is a sequel if you didn't catch your fill from the first and it is titled Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeenth Date: Zeppelin Zoo

This is a little gem featuring Alan Rickman at his absolute sinister best. Think his Snape was creepy and evil? Watch him in this, and you'll forget that role entirely. Sponsored by Amnesty International back in (IIRC) the late 80s, it's a pretty disturbing look at what life in a police state can be.

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