Utility Die Roller

Jan is a
serious and paranoid
happy-go-lucky Cheliax
just barely got out of puberty

Whereabout of... Uh, who was Ameiko's father again?
And the man's general information, scuttlebutt and all that.
Unable to find the game forum

Do I need to roll Bluff to Bethana?

Crossroad, I'm generally not a big fan of sheetdice tags, if only because they don't take into account things like temporary or conditional bonuses and penalties. If you're going to use them, make sure you cross-reference your sheet with what's posted in Jan's statblock. I'll have the party statblock thread open in the next couple of days. Still have three more to finish.

I'll post the results of the knowledge check in the next update.

The sense motive, is that on Bethana?

Hmm, in defense of sheetdice/roll tags, I believe you can add bonuses or penalties to the dice by placing a +X or -Y inside the tag. Let me try that.
+2 penalty:Unable to find the game forum-2 penaltyUnable to find the game forum
Hmm, the only problem is that you can't see that the bonus and penalty are already applied.

By the way, what Sense Motive?
The Perception is for... Did I remember it wrongly? Is it still Spot to check through Disguise?

Sai's Knowledge (local) Check: (she already knows some of that from speaking with Madame Niska earlier this week, but I'll try for the DC 15.
Dice Roll: 1d20+9
d20 Results: 8 (Total = 17)

Unable to find the game forumArmor penalty already applied

Unable to find the game forum
Readied Throwing Axe:
Dice Roll:
1d20+5 1d6+6
d20 Results: 12 (Total = 17)
d6 Results: 1 (Total = 7)
Apply range penalty if more than 10'

Sneak Attack Dice if applies:
Dice Roll:
d6 Results: 6
These dice were omitted, altered, or moved: 1d20+2
Original Dice: 1d20+2

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+5 1d6+6, 1d6

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