Destiny's Rest

Yaro Hollander, Male Human NPC

~ Destiny's Rest Operations and Command Center ~

Yaro was about to respond that he could do it in his schemes to try and please her, but his mouth betrays him, “Ahh, no miss. I think you need Luka for something like that.” After all, the skills required are beyond his ability and it is probably best that he not try to wing his way through it.

Her reaction is one that is dashing his hopes of keeping her all to himself as she smiles encouragingly and nods. He frowns slightly, Ah, dammit! Now, the boss is going help her and I won't be able to keep her to myself.

Resigned to not being able do anything to help her directly, Yaro says, “Let me comm him to see if he is on his way back up here.” Punching in Luka's commlink code, he sends a message, “Boss, one of the new employees is up here and wants to talk to you.”

He makes a slightly pained look behind his mask that through his visor was not much more than a squinting of eyes. " suppose you don't, Marko hired me for extra security. What is it that you do here? The large Ubese can tell that he was making the girl uncomfortable, so he says "I apologize for interrupting." He wants to at least make an attempt to talk to her, but he is giving her an out if she's uninterested. He swivels the bar chair away apprehensive of her response, pondering what drink to order.

There is a pause between the words being spoken and any sign of 32A noticing them. He turns his head, before adjusting it downwards to view the Sullustan.

"Everything is in working order Nik. I was waiting to see if my services would be required by any of the new arrivals, however they all appear to be capable of managing for themselves."

He pauses, his eyes flickering for a moment as he allows information to process

"Is the station in an operable fashion outside of Bay 6? The repairs there should be finalised shortly"

Jack stare at the sullustan walking away ”old nik your getting deaf “ he doesn’t even try a second approach and stand there pondering on what to do, refusing to give up he decide continue his investigation ”lets do homeworks” pushing his comlink try to contact Yaro without success, grumbling he takes the turbolift to the command deck, by the way he looks around its clear he feel out of place, preferring to fight a Rancor than a desk job, hes a soldier and just his posture and way to walk leave no doubt about that.

Looking around the room he try using the comlink but fail again” Yaro! Yaroo!” opting for a more primitive communication, he then throw the comlink on the ground hitting it repeatedly with his foot till only tiny debris remains "piece of junk!" while waiting he sit at one of the terminals, impatient he start pushing buttons looking for the employers list and trying to access the personal file of one of them ”what do you mean access denied?!” getting angry to the computer I am the security!” hitting the desk with his fist.
These minor unlucky events are making him nervous.

SV-T18 walked down the hall to the bar. His hat and poncho not doing very much at concealing the fact that he is a droid. He looks around and spots the man with the large "Security" sign on his clothing.

"Excuse me.. Security model. I Require registration at your station, I am to be a new addition to the Security designation. I am SV-T18 personal security and protocol services droid. I have been hired to facilitate communication and to ensure cessation of potential hostilities." He bows and takes his hat off, replacing it as he rises. His hands and legs looking a bit off as he only has three "Toes" on each foot that form a sport of tripod stance.

His right arm looks much more developed than his left, heavier. There is an obvious rotation system in that arm that swaps between three settings. The Scomp link is currently active but recessed in its slot, and a hole can be seen, it may just be a missing system or something may fit inside of it. The third system cannot be seen from the front but when he took off his hat he showed a glimpse of a Tazer on there.

Verico looks up at the Bartender he stares at him then he realizes that does nothing. Verico nods puts the top back on his container he then puts it and the unlit pipe in his pocket. Hey there Luka I was going to ask why you took of right after walking in the cantina. I was actually interested in if you had time to have a drink I mean to day is the 2nd anniversary of my exodus from Onderon. Though that really doesn't work now. The bar tender has just asked me to head out. Do to the smell from the matter I use to make my marks. That and he still has a problem with Nico. He pulls the com link from his mouth in order to speak with Oln. Look I am sure I told you that was not Nico that time. Also I know I have lit my pipe up in hear before it is sweet smelling trust me. Verico than has a moment where he is about to do something he will later regret. He breathes counts to ten and then stands and puts his Trench on. Luka let me know where you are I will meet you there.

Kat's eyes narrowed when the man next to him ignited the foul smelling concoction packed into his pipe, the pungent odor slowly wafting through the room. Smells ... well, the Trianiii's strongest sense was his sense of smell. When he had first left Onderon, he had the great misfortune of traveling with a Wookie who disdained showers or bathing, hair matted and reeking of rot and foulness.

The scent was overpowering, it caused Kat to almost lose his balance in his seat. Placing his hand on the bar itself, the large hand splayed out as he steadied himself, focusing his green eyes on the bird and it's fish. Birds. Perhaps the only animal that Kat had a genuine distaste for. Dogs were loyal, cats ingenious, and there were hundreds if not thousands of other species in between.

But, for someone reason, anything that could fly always deemed it proper to shit on you.

Thankfully, Oln made his presence known, and banished the man and his horrid smelling substance and foul companion. Despite the fact that they were both from Onderon, they had very different opinions on propriety and etiquette.

"Thank you." his voice resonated with warmth, almost a purr at the man for ridding the place of the stench. Crinkling his nose, he hacked a bit, still trying to get rid of the lingering after effects of the stench.

Studying the Miraluka for a moment, he pondered the way in which he choose to word his reply. The man hid something behind his bravado and fast talking. A life that seemed, from every angle, happy and blessed. But was that happiness he saw in the man's soul?

"If you can explain it, to a ... overgrown cat, I would be quite interested to listen."

Luka, Human Male Scoundrel

Destiny’s Rest, Corridor 25-B


Luka hesitated, nonplussed.

He raised his wrist chrono to check station actual time, frowned, then checked it again. With a shake of his head, he lowered it.

“Verico, ah, I’m sorry, I’m working. It’s the middle of the day. I can’t have a drink now. How about tonight?”

Luka leaned back against the bulkhead, pinching the bridge of his nose with a faint grimace. He wasn’t sure how he and Verico had become friends, if that was what they were. The man was older than him, though how much older, Luka didn’t know. Verico’s hair was pure silver, his face weathered with stress lines. When he spoke, his voice had a raspy edge.

Verico had been the former personal guard of a planetary ruler. Then the druk had somehow hit the repulsorfans, and Verico was left with a dead charge and a warrant for his arrest. He’d fled the planet with the help of his former colleagues, and somehow had ended up on the Rest.

The tale had come out one night when Verico had gotten progressively drunker and more loquacious as he’d kept talking, as if once the first thread had been yanked out of the weave, the guardsman couldn’t resist pulling, yet due to his drunken state, the facts had come out in a disjointed manner. Something about psychic vampires and betrayal. Luka had nodded and made polite noises.

His comlink buzzed again, and he glanced down at it.

“Look, I have another call coming in. I’ll catch up with you tonight.”

He cut the connection and answered the call, this one from the Ops center.

“Boss, one of the new employees is up here and wants to talk to you.”

It was Yaro. Luka frowned. He glanced at his chrono again. A group of duros clad in spacer gear filed past him, chattering animatedly and gesturing in the air, apparently recounting a dogfight. He waited to answer until they had passed.

“All right, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

Luka cut the comm channel and pushed away from the wall, heading toward the ops center.
Character Sheet

"That's good to hear, I was about to go check on them my self," says Nik. He considers the state of the station. It was a tall task managing the maintenance and sanitation of a station the size of Destiny's Rest, especially since the rapid growth in recent years. Keeping track of every little thing that needs repairs.

Something else struck Nik about 32A's question. His intuition, still tuned from his youth, told him that something about the way the droid was acting was fishy. What droid stands and watches ships? he thinks. "You know 32A, there was a time when I traveled on ships like those. But life on the move wasn't one for me." Nik had seen droids develop rudimentary personalities on the station before, and he figures he might as well try to see what makes this interesting astromech-labor hybrid tick. "Do you recall who installed that extra arm on you?"

At the command center

Jack kept trying, what he lacked in technical skills he made up with stubbornness, was ready to shout another time when the droid made his introduction ”security model?… are you drunk?” rotating his chair 180°”oh..its a droid” standing up he looks it , examining his construction “sure it was a crazy one the guy that built and dressed you” scratching his head “no one told me about a new droid, not that peoples care to warn me about new equipment” turning again to the computer “I cant register you, the computer doesn’t work, it doesn’t let me access the employers data” after a moment of silence ” SVD-8 be useful and fix it” jack isn’t incompetent with technology he simply hate desk work ” I can let you facilitate communication and ensure cessation of potential hostilities with a one armed cathar”.

Actually the computer isnt broken, the password is wrong, it has been changed or Jack forgot it, given his job he normally has access to that data.

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