Character Creation and Related Questions

Ogres in this game are actually demons from the Underworld so they're not around. In terms of what is around, the spread is otherwise similar to generic D&D.

ACF=Alternate Class Feature.

Alternate Class Feature! Its a way to trade things out! For example, you could...

....Trade your first favored enemy for favored enemy: arcanists, from complete mage
....change Ride as a class skill for Tumble, from the cityscape web enhancement
....change wild empathy for the ability to cast speak with animals or speak with plants, as a spell like ability, from Complete Champion
....Trade track and swift tracking for a rogue's trapfinding, from Dungeonscape
....Trade animal companion for a trick with ranged weapons, from PHB 2, or a particular type of familiar, from the cityscape web enhancement, or having your favored enemies work on to hit and damage, from dragon magazine #347
....Swap the standard combat styles for a few more varieties of combat styles, from Dragon Magazine #341
....Replace the combat styles entirely for Wild Shape, from Unearthed Arcana or the SRD
....Change most of the progression of Ranger to be a Mystic Ranger, who is much better at spells, from Dragon Magazine #336

And there are even more, if you know where to look! And further... most of these can be combined!

I'll have decisions posted tomorrow; bit of a long day today and I can't give everyone the fair shake that they deserve.

Would be Unorthodox to request Ability Focus from either MM or Savage Species?

I would like to join this game, if there is still room, and was wondering if the party might have use for a druid or a barbarian? I'm feeling a 'wild' character right now, but if those positions are already filled or would be unnecessary I have no problem playing any other class, but if I do get one of those two I will more than likely end up playing a gnome or halfling, or if it would be acceptable, a satyr.

Unfortunately the game is full for now; thank you for your interest. I'll post in the Game Advertisement thread if I ever need to re-recruit.

Originally Posted by AtLastForgot View Post
Unfortunately the game is full for now; thank you for your interest. I'll post in the Game Advertisement thread if I ever need to re-recruit.
Not a problem at all. For future reference if you ever open up another game in general, I would love to be a part of it. Reading through this game has gotten me very interested in your style as a GM, it is very inviting for players as myself. If you would like, you are welcome to add me, however that might work on this site, and let me know if you're ever running a game. Of course, I would not like any special treatment, if I still come in late I'm not going to humbug anything, but I wouldn't mind a better chance to explore the setting of a new (to me, at least) and excellent GM.


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