Oops I thought I made a post telling you that we'll go with things happening the way they did. Anyway if the two of you want to find a tavern to plan your next move go right a head.

Okay, will do. So we only have two players now?

seem so?

Just an idea, but could possibly be a good idea to get one or two more, especially a healer? (I know as a ranger I'll get certain spells at 4th level, but I'm not sure I'll even take that many ranger levels.) Just a thought that struck me. (Also easier on a DM to not have to recalculate CR's as much. )

Anyway, I'll be posting IC tomorrow, that's a promise. Havn't been able to focus worth a damned today. >.<

we can easily add NPCs if you go out and seek to hire people. Adding more players is allways an hazzle.

I'm sorry to say this guys but I'm bowing out of this game. I was looking forward to working with several other players, not just one (no offense Podonois, you seem like a good guy. ), and I've somewhat noticed that my play style won't really mix with this games DM-ing style in the long run (nothing personal really, everyone has their own style). Good luck and see you around.

Alright so if anyone one hasn't figured this out yet I basically gave up on this when Nikita dropped out and I'm closing up shop now.


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