Light And Lizardfolk

ZhuGuan, half-elf

The hell is that doing here... ZhuGuan spots a flash of green scales as he passes through the doorway. "Look out! There's a snake over the doorway. I don't think it's hostile... yet."

Light And Lizardfolk - Round 2

"That worked well!" ZhuGuan yells, bringing his arms up to cover against the engulfing flames, flames from the trap pulled into the green scales in his armor, protecting him.

John jumps back as the explosion tears through his body. With a hiss, he pulls out his sword and enters the room. Seeing the two lizards, he concentrates on his sword and fires a beam out of it. His attack slams into the lizardfolk hunter, knocking him back a step or two. The power of the attack causes the hunter to lose track of John... at least for a moment.

ZhuGuan lets our a roar and, after ducking through the doorway charges at the lizardmen. He pauses, briefly, when he reaches halfway into the room, "Where's Longtail?!" He shouts at the lizardmen.

The two lizardmen briefly look at each other quizzically. "You tell us! Or better yet, I'll rip the answers from your corpse" the mystic shouts back.

Guan looks around the room, trying to take in any hidden foes, or other nastiness. Just above the doorway, lounging on the ledge there, he spots a bright green
snake. It looks like it is uneasy with the people passing under the door, and it might be preparing to strike.

The hell is that doing here... ZhuGuan thinks as he spies the snake. Guan picks up his pace again and charges towards the lizard who has been less than friendly. He slams his magic halberd into the creature and then steps back, moving further out of range.

Jared sighs as the two fighting types rush into the room. "I'm guessing we're not trying diplomacy..."

"My thoughts exactly," Vicky mutters back to him and coughs. She sounds more than a bit annoyed. 'Note to self: I'm not as sturdy as I used to be. Need to keep a low profile.'

She affords herself a moment to shake off the dizziness caused by the trap. Allowing ZhuGuan to grab the spotlight, she tries to use the diversion to move unseen into the room, taking refugee around a corner. While resting, Vicky also notes the location of the green snake above the doorway.

"Look out! There's a snake over the doorway. I don't think it's hostile... yet." shout out the half-elf.

Allyria moves into the room and draws out the Winds of Change. She takes up a position next to both John and the hidden Vicky as she tries to gain some for of cover from the wall. She summons up her chaos energy and forms it into a bolt just in front of the Winds of Change. She launches the magical ball of energy into the hunter. The bolt strikes him hard in the chest and it sounds like bones have cracked. He immediately starts coughing up blood.

Jared and Turag both remain outside. Neither one ready to advance just yet. "I'll guard the hallway." says Turag to encourage Jared to head inside.

Some of the visible wounds on the hunter seem to be closing up some. Not ready to give up, the hunter lowers his spear and charges right at Guan. He
8 damage
jams the tip hard into Guan's stomach, piercing it. Blood begins to flow freely from the wound, much to the delight of the lizard-man.

"Y'liss! Now!" calls out the Greenscale mystic.

With the words spoken, the Jadefabg Viper slithers down from the archway above the door, and makes his way into the hall towards the other voices. The Viper
15 damage + Ongoing 5 Poison Damage (save ends)
sinks it's teeth deep into Jared and begins pumping the halfling full of venom. The snake doesn't retract it's fangs as normal, instead it continues to pump it's poison into Jared as it wraps its body around his.

The marsh mystic begins making some strange gestures, and soon the area between John and Guan begins to fill up with slimy water. Under their feet the ground is literally becoming like swamplands. It engulfs Allyria and Guan as well as John. Reeds , moss and mud quickly crawl up the legs and arms of the three,
Immobilized (Save Ends)
grabbing them and holding them in place. Vicky is only barely spared as she seems to be just on the edge of the swampy spell - but it has still put some difficult terrain between her and her targets.

The mystic then moves over and takes up some cover himself.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John looks behind him as he hears movement to see that the snake is near him and smirks. "You know Jared if you wanted me to take care of the snake you could of just said so." As he starts to draw the power of stone in his blade.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan winces under the stomach wound and tries to ignore the pain. Lucky bastard found a chink in the armor, the half-elf thinks angrily to himself.

"That was a mistake," he says to the hunter. He leans against the roots and plant life that are holding him in place, using them for leverage as he swings first with the blade as a feint then follows up with the haft of this glaive trying to catch the lizard man under his jaw.

He hears a satisfying crack as the glaive connects and the lizardman's head snaps back before he crumbles to the ground.

"Someone get that viper off of Jared! That thing will keep pumping poison into him!" He points back toward the corridor. "And, ZhuGuan struggles against the fauna... can someone
grant a save
help me out of this morass...." He almost sounds embarrassed.

It would be some type of stupid irony if Jared was himself eaten. I wonder if the viper would get indigestion or explode when all the food inside of Jared expands because there's no more halfling-quasi-dimensional body to hold all the food he'd eaten in place after the snake digests his body. He imagines an exploding snake with a very surprised look on his face. The image in his mind, despite the stomach wound and tar-like swamp he's mired in, puts a grin on his face.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+3


Vicky is just about to lash out at the viper to save Jared, but it suddenly seems that the situation is under control. Though she can't see him, she heard ZhuGuan get hurt earlier. Rushing to his side, she tries her best to get him loose from the sticky floor. "I will not be happy if you get yourself killed here," she scolds him silently.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared can feel the poison burning through, but just as the panic in him is starting to rise he raises his rod and touches it to the snake. There is a burst of energy and the serpent flies from him landing at Johns feet.

The halfling manages to stagger into the room and raise his rod again, sending his own stream of shadows at the serpent.


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