Kids in the Candy Store

Bishop - male
DC (AKA Carver?) - male
Deadline - male
Mouse - female
Shortwave - female
Tink - female
Knuckles (AKA Tool?) - male

Rusty Stevens (AKA Pops) runs Condrell's Candies.

More info will be made it is learned...


Susan Namor
Origin: Mutant
Physical Description: 5'7" tall, 130 lbs., with short light brown hair, light green eyes, and blue lips.

Fighting: Excellent (16)
Agility: Incredible (36)
Strength: Good (8)
Endurance: Remarkable (26)
Reason: Excellent (16)
Intuition: Excellent (16)
Psyche: Typical (5)

Health: 86
Resources: Remarkable 30
Popularity: 0

Ice Generation: Excellent 26
Water Control: Remarkable 36

Biology, Marksman


Beta Cloth (6 vs Physical, 20 vs Electrical and Heat) with "S" on chest


Origin: High Tech

Fighting: Remarkable (26)
Agility: Good (8)
Strength: Good (8)
Endurance: Excellent (16)
Reason: Excellent (16)
Intuition: Good (8)
Psyche: Good (8)

Health: 58
Resources: Excellent 20
Popularity: Good 10

Gravity Control: Incredible 40, 11 areas
Kinetic Control: Incredible 40, 11 areas (EC13, p24)
Kinetic Bolt: Incredible 40 (EE7, p28)



Beta Cloth (6 vs Physical, 20 vs Electrical and Heat)


Marcus McNally
Origin: Altered Human
Age: 41 (in 1999)
Occupation: Professional Mover, Landscaper

Fighting: 36 Incredible
Agility: 26 Remarkable
Strength: 16 Excellent
Endurance: 8 Good
Reason: 16 Excellent
Intuition: 26 Remarkable
Psyche: 36 Incredible

Health: 86
Resources: Typical
Karma: 78
Popularity: 10 (Secret Identity)

Talents: Blunt and Sharp Weapons, Driving (Truck, Bus, Motorcycle)
Contacts: 5

Nature Control: Can fracture or manipulate non-living material by passing his hands or feet into the material in a ghostlike manner. His range and effect are determined by the lack of sleep the hero is subject to.
The fracturing of material can be of his own choosing. He may warp the material, bending it as he chooses, up to a distance of 20 feet in all directions. This bending may be to make the material into a soup like quicksand, which then can be returned to solid form trapping a foe in the material up to a depth of 2 feet. The rank of materials he can successfully alter/destroy are rated from the easiest to hardest as follows: Glass/Plastic, Wood/Soil, Rock/Metal, Diamond, Unearthly.

Hours of sleep:
> 5 hours: No influence
1-5 hours in 24 hours: Glass/Plastic
0 hours in 24 hours: Wood/Soil or weaker
0 hours in 36 hours Rock/Metal or weaker
0 hours in 48 hours Diamond or weaker
0 hours in 72 hours Unearthly or weaker -hero can only attempt unearthly hardness once per week. He has never gotten to this state or even came across material in this category thus far.

Phasing: Can pass through qualified material. Up to a distance of two feet. No attempts have ever been beyond that distance. It is unknown how thick his phasing can succeed.

Movement: can climb walls by imbedding his hands and feet into qualified material.

In the interest in making my character more powerful l I think Marcus should have a modified weakness, I don't want him to be powerless especially as with initiatives rolls sometimes are hard to hit. In place of his hours of sleep restrictions I think it could be simply rock/metal wood/soil glass/plastic at all times. Diamond or weaker if he has not slept in 24 hours. Unearthly material if he has not slept in 3 days.


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