Character Sheets and Images

Character Sheets and Images

Yea Just like it sounds (Changed the name to include accepted sheets so the new guys have some info on the ones who are already here ~Cam)

The Lady Mintara Plainswind of Solamnia

Mistress Lestianna Chaosbane



ok for some reason I can't get image links to work on this forum

I recently edited the title so we had a sheet location for all of the characters. Call me retarded but I couldn't find a thread for them already though I swear there was one at some point.

Who says I can't have it all? I'm beautiful, attractive, smart and strong. My body is trained in battle and my spirit is forged in the crucible of the arcane. With a smile I have claimed a man's heart and with a blade thrust I have taken another's life. Why would I limit myself to conform to laws of acceptability? I do not care if you judge me. Such things are not your right. The Lady will stand in judgment of my soul and deem it fit to enter her realm, so your petty biases are nothing to me. Keep your opinions to yourself, or you can pave my way to glory and adventure.

Maladict Reneel
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Class: Battle Sorcerer


I don't want to live forever, but until next week would be nice. I want to die in my sleep, otherwise I will keep trying to outrun it.

Call me a coward, they all do. I don't want to die in some glorious battle without a thing to show for it. I want a wife and kids, maybe a farm somewhere near the plains. I want a boring life that most of these nutters have spent their lives trying to escape. They drag me off after one terror after another and look at me crazy when I drink myself stupid or don't sleep for weeks. You try to sleep when you saw five people get gobbled up by raw insanity!

I'll take my farm, screaming brats and a nagging wife thank you very much!

Dmitri Thiele
Age: 23
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue

Horus, the Beggar Knight
Age: 24
Race: Human (Dragon Vassal)
Gender: Male
Class: Rogue

Valkeer, The Disciple

AGE: 20
RACE: Human

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