War on the Horizon: Forum Rules

Read and noted. Ty.

Dialogue Tags:

With our characters now interacting with more creative forms of speaking to each other, it becomes necessary to add additional punctuation to represent the dialogue that is going on. A quick recap...

"When someone speaks like this, they are speaking aloud, and anyone within earshot has the opportunity to hear them."

'When speaking like this, it is all in your head! Of course, that doesn't mean it's not real, right?'

With the use of the Message Spell, we add a new means of dialogue. So, from now on the following punctuation will used to represent these forms of talk...

*When I speak like this, it means I am using extra-vocal communication. Such as from a Telepathy Spell, Message Spell, or any of the similar spells that exist in the vast compendium of D&D v3.5.*

In addition to this, all Extra-Vocal Communication needs to be placed in a private tag addressed only to the intended recipient, unless your Extra-Vocal Communication allows for multiple parties to hear you at once. In such a case, please address it to all parties involved.

For example...

Ryke was riding up to his ancestral home when an ominous feeling overcame him. Silently he began to
[private=The Taio Show]*Aurora, I have an unsettling feeling about this. Do you spot anything from your location?*[private]
mouth words, but no sound issues from him as he looked around.

Hopefully these examples will help all of more easily, and more appropriately, communicate between our characters!

If all the Players could please respond to this post acknowledging they have read the information, I and Valthronis would greatly appreciated! After all, we'd had to start using these cool new Extra-Vocal Communication means and someone end up having missed an entire conversation!

Oh, it should also be noted that our GM Valthronis will never, ever ever ever ever, be bolding his speech!

Colored Dialogue

Little known fact, our illustrious GM Valthronis is color blind! In fact, he's part an elite club of color blind people!

With this fact now in play, it has also come up that our colored posts are rather strenuous on his eyes. I am sure none of us want to put unnecessary strain on the person who is showing us all a great time by running a game for us. So, in that vein of thought, it has been asked that we all start posting without the use of color.

That means sticking to normal everyday black.

Again, please respond to this portion also! It's important make what accommodations we can, especially ones as simple and easy as this one.

Danke, much appreciated Taio.

Agreed to edited post as well. I'll separate Grinder and Llanthor's speach with the use of bold lettering for one and normal font for the other.

Post Header - Single Character

This is all very basic information that is on your character sheet, but by providing it within your post you allow the GM a quicker fashion by which to pull it up. It's just easier and kinder, plus it gives your post that sort of Unique stamp. Below is the format by which to use the Header. Simply "Quote" this post, and take the appropriate code out. Replace the portions that contained in <>.

Once you have filled it in, you can simply use it over and over again for every post you make by editing your previous post, and taking the code from it. This allows for you keep updated information as will be needed.

<Character Name>


<Post Contents>

Post Header - Multiple Characters

This is the same content as the Single Character Header, except that it contains a Page Break code to separate the posts. It's a sleek way of posting for more then one character, such as a cohort or joint PC.

<Character Name>


<Post Contents Here>

<Character Name>


<Post Contents Here>


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