OOC Shenanigans

Slow... yeah. Word of the day. Week. Month. Summer? It's all right. Generally, I feel like a slower pace to things in life means their more sustainable. I'll keep telling myself that, anyway. LOL
Galedeep, I swear your name sticks in my memory as associated somehow with DaveW's game way back when, too. Did you play the wizard for a short while, there?

Hey, wow, this is kind of cool. Ack, Gale, and CnC Back Together Again! WAY different GURPS game, but hey, great to be with you guys again. *grinning stupidly* Oh, you should know, I'm totally new to "Supers" so, any help as to running my PC is welcome from y'all. You know, suggestions as we go along. Just sayin' "newbie CnC here"

I waited too long for this game to come about, heh heh.
Somewhat literally, considering how long ago I was mentioning 'a game' to you lol. Consequently I went through 2 other campaign ideas that got tangled a bit, to which this game is the culmination, especially as regards all the alternate rules. I am indeed an endless rules tinkerer.

Rules-tinkerer!? Oh, THAT's what all that racket is comin' from the "rules monger" closet. Mystery solved!


And awesome on the 'reunion'. I know Galedeep, Ack, and Kopana originally from an old game as well, of Acks. EvilRoeSlade might've been a Reader even, in that game, not sure.

Man, by the time that thing got close enough, I was all drooly for a hamburger. But that was no hamburger. Bleh!


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