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Your Dungeons & Dragons Strength?

I think I'm a pretty average guy. Within one standard deviation, no more special than 60% of the people average...
So, mostly 9s, I guess.

I've a buddy with an 18 con. He was walking across the street and got hit by a honda that was going 25mph. The honda wrapped around him and the engine died. He then ended up pushing the honda into the nearest parking lot afterwards.

The only injury he suffered from the entire incident was a fractured shoulder.

I on the other-hand, am completely average or below.

Originally Posted by Hellrazer View Post
All I remember is your INT score is your IQ rounded and divided by ten. My 148, for example, rounds to 15.
That's a terrible way to calculate IQ into Intelligence. Compare the bell curve for IQ and the bell curve for 3d6.

I usually come up with a 16 or so on Strength tests - makes sense, considering I usually get a 260-285 on the APFT without putting any effort into it.

Hmm. Overall stats? Could be fun.

I'd say...
Str around 12-13, with some bonus somewhere for lifting and throwing in there. What strength is it to pick up and throw 150lbs approximately 10 feet without even really trying? I do that at work. Upwards of a hundred times a day. In between the fifty to seventy pounds I'm use to, and the forty or so pounds I like to refer to as "twofers" since I refuse to take one at a time)

Dex in the 14-15 range (with extra bonuses in most ranged weapons)

Con in the 15 range (I get sick almost never and recover with a day's bedrest from those flu bugs that put people out for a week at a time- and even that's optional... if I start feeling ill in the evening, I'll still be fine by morning- also, see "heavy lifting, twelve hour shifts". Don't think I could take a honda and walk away however).

Int at... oh... I'd like to say sixteen or seventeen. But it's probably more like 14, except in a number of areas where it mysteriously jumps to 18 for no justifiable reason. Like math. I hate math. Always have. Can multiply any pair of three digit, and most four digit, numbers in my head. Why? Dunno.

Wis... huh... 18 with room to spare. Not even kidding. Everyone I know swears I'm psychic.

My hearing use to be good enough to pick up dog whistles, lost that ability about two years ago... also could sense bats- but it wasn't so much like I could "hear" them as my eardrums felt a little like it does when there's a rapid change in air pressure.

I can, by sense of smell, tell if a woman is pregnant. Long as she's not wearing makeup or a heavy drinker/smoker.

And to cap it off, 20/13 vision. Was once a 20/8. Glad it's gone down... I was so sensitive to light once upon a time... migraines two or three times a week. Now, twice a year or so.

I also have a standing run of guessing 15 out of 16 children's sexes before they were born amongst my family/close friends. Does not work on strangers unless I've been around them for a while. Only works in the second trimester or later. What's more likely? Pure luck? Subliminal 'hints' tell me the right answer? Or actual psychic powers?

Either way... I'm thinking my wisdom score is insanely good.

My charisma, on the other hand? Yeah... total dump stat. At least charisma in the legitimate sense. And not the 3.5 sense that somehow thought 'charisma' and 'willpower' should be the same stat. I'm stubborn, confident, and admittedly hard headed (high wisdom= self aware). So... I'ma gonna say I found a class feature to turn all non-social charisma based traits to rely on wisdom instead. And then left it at six or seven, give or take.

I have a strength of 11, but give me a sufficiently long and stiff lever, a sufficiently stiff spatula the size of a continent, a place to stand, and a fulcrum, and I can make a check of 390.


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