Kyitov'erool, Twi'lek Con Artist

Kyitov'erool, Twi'lek Con Artist

Male Twi'lek Noble
Age: 34, Height: 1.75m, Weight: 53kg

I believe Kyito's ready.

So I am interested in pursuing this "Kyito Wants Out" sub plot. Feel free to keep it going! I'm sure we'll find another con up to the level of the Wadden Shoadra for him to pull soon too!

I have a question as to what direction you're looking to take your character both short-term and long-term. What kind of situations and environments do you want to see as far as combat and skill encounters? What are your character's long-term and short-term goals? I'm trying to get this game rolling again full speed over the next month, so answering these questions should help both of us moving forward.

Short term goals include staying alive and getting out of this tavern.

OK, character goals:
  1. Stay alive and healthy
  2. Fulfill his 'debt'. If this conflicts with #1, then try to make it look like he tried to fulfill his debt.
  3. Get away from these maniacs
  1. Have interesting jobs
  2. Don't actually work
  3. Get out before the job's interesting for the wrong reason or need to do real work
  4. I dunno, die a king or something? Yeah, a king sounds good.

Now, player goals:
  1. Avoid Kyito dying
  2. Avoid giving people the satisfaction of seeing pushing him around.
  3. Have fun, get in funny situations.
  1. Keep a light-hearted fun atmosphere
  2. Keep lying and cheating
  3. I dunno, have Kyito retire as a king or something? Yeah, a king sounds good.

Don't worry too much about finding situations for him, I'll make sure to find situations. So far, I think things have been running swell. Star Wars-esque down-trodden urban areas suit Kyito well.

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