Light And Lizardfolk

Light And Lizardfolk - Round 3

Jared can feel the poison burning through, but just as the panic in him is starting to rise he raises his rod and touches it to the snake. There is a burst of energy and the serpent flies from him landing at Johns feet. John looks behind him as he hears movement to sees that the snake is near him and smirks, "you know Jared, if you wanted me to take care of the snake you could of just said so."

The halfling manages to stagger into the room and raise his rod again, sending his own stream of shadows at the serpent. The shadows swirl around the snake. As they take up the form of a snarling beast, they lash out at the snake sending chills through the creature's body. John starts to draw on the power of the stone in his blade.

ZhuGuan winces under the stomach wound and tries to ignore the pain. Lucky bastard found a chink in the armor, the half-elf thinks angrily to himself.

"That was a mistake," he says to the hunter. He leans against the roots and plant life that are holding him in place, using them for leverage as he swings first with the blade as a feint then follows up with the haft of this glaive trying to catch the lizard man under his jaw.

He hears a satisfying crack as the glaive connects and the lizardman's head snaps back before he crumbles to the ground.

"Someone get that viper off of Jared! That thing will keep pumping poison into him!" He points back toward the corridor. "And, ZhuGuan struggles against the fauna... can someone help me out of this morass...." He almost sounds embarrassed.

It would be some type of stupid irony if Jared was himself eaten. I wonder if the viper would get indigestion or explode when all the food inside of Jared expands because there's no more halfling-quasi-dimensional body to hold all the food he'd eaten in place after the snake digests his body. He imagines an exploding snake with a very surprised look on his face. The image in his mind, despite the stomach wound and tar-like swamp he's mired in, puts a grin on his face.

Vicky is just about to lash out at the viper to save Jared, but it suddenly seems that the situation is under control. Though she can't see him, she heard ZhuGuan get hurt earlier. Rushing to his side, she tries her best to get him loose from the sticky floor. "I will not be happy if you get yourself killed here," she scolds him silently. She isn't able to help him much, but at least she can defend him should the need arise.

Jared takes a moment to catch his breath. The poison took a lot out of him and he is dead on his feet. He feels extremely woozy from the assault and knows that he can't take another attack like that. His body seems to have fought off the poison, but another dose could prove to be fatal. It seems as if the snake's attention has been pulled away from Jared for the moment and has fallen squarely onto John. Turag rushes into the room, and takes up a position next to Jared. The halfling can't be sure if it is a maneuver to protect the hungry half-man, or a move to protect himself - possibly sacrificing Jared to save his skin. The later seems more appropriate to the orc's behavior, but perhaps his intentions are less selfish.

A flickering halo of purple light surrounds the snake as Allyria points at it. This dark glow will make it impossible for the snake to hide now, and everyone should be able to hit it that much easier. Allyria struggles against the goop, but can't seem to get herself free. The snake opens it's maw in a threatening manor, and then lunges at John. It's body wraps around John as it's fangs
8 damage total, 4 taken from temporary HP. You now have Ongoing 5 Poison Damage (Save Ends), and you are grabbed (until escape)
dig deep

The Mystic moves into the room and looks over at the assembled group. He sees them lined up perfectly. He'll have to sacrifice Y'liss, but he could potentially kill them all. Vicky tracks him as he moves, her assassin instinct taking hold. She sends some more of her energy towards the lizardfolk. He raises his hands, one is empty and the other holds his spear. In the empty hand a bolt of green gas forms. He launches it out towards the group in the swamp. It explodes just behind
Vicky. The Hunter and Turag are both outside of the expanding ball of poisonous bog. It engulfs the others, and they begin to
16 damage
choke on the poison. Guan, Jared and John all fall victim to the poison that lingers in the air. Jared and Guan become woozy and fall to the ground. Only John's
I'm assuming you would rather be dazed instead of unconscious right now. If you would rather be unconscious, post that as your action.
undead nature keeps him from collapsing. The snake that had attached to him falls
technically he was outside of the attack range, but since he was wrapped around John, I just couldn't cheese that one. The snake had to die!!
dead It is all Vicky can do to keep on her feet. Allyria isn't doing much better.

Turag looks as if he is about to run from the room and abandon the heroes to their fate.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan suffocates under the poisonous gas, unable to draw air and badly wounded he falls to his knees. "Vicky..." he coughs before collapsing, never able to finish whatever he would've said.


"ZhuGuan!" Vicky shouts through the daze. "Don't die!" she cries out, not even trying to hide the fact that she's absolutely hysterical. She can't even feel any pain through the adrenaline rushing through her head. Like a movie in slow motion, she watches her hands try to pull up ZhuGuan, preventing him from falling lifelessly to the ground.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Feeling the pain surging thru his body John begins to laugh as he feels his life drain from him. Feeling confused John wraps his cloke around him as he feels the pain giving way.

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