Privacy Settings and Game Threads

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Allow some threads to be public?
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Privacy Settings and Game Threads

This has been something I've been tossing around. Would you guys be okay with the game threads being open for all to read?

I'm serious. This isn't Menzoberranzan where each PC is actively plotting to kill another drow. With the separation of groups, you guys will honestly have very little intentional interaction with each other unless it's deliberate or PLOT.

I've done this previously with another game that usually was private threads for multiple people, and since the threads have been opened to the public, the OOC chat become busier and the forum sprung with life, with commentary on the other threads 'That golem battle was pretty sweet' etc... By opening the threads, it allows others to read and still be interested in the characters in the game, even if they aren't in their group.

Of course, some stuff will still be private in some posts, such as a PCs mechanical actions and dice rolling, but the fluff descriptions can be public, and some posts will be private for numerous reasons, but generally, if it's not taking place behind closed doors, I'd like them to be public.

What say you? There is a poll attached, and if you vote, please explain your reasoning.

I'm fine with some being public. The point of this whole thing is having fun. If it enhances the experience then I see no reason not to do it.

I wouldn't mind the CTs remaining private, along with some of the more secretive plots of the teams. That way we don't spoil any good surprises. As for some of the main threads, I'm fine with those being open.

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